Sahara Desert Trek, North Africa

Let’s find out more about this Sahara Desert Trek.

Upon touch down in Marrakech you’ll experience a manic party for the senses like no other. But head south-east for 8 hours and it’s another story altogether. 

Welcome to the Sahara Desert. Enjoy the quiet. The peace. The tranquillity. 

And the camels, of course. (They snort, by the way.)

On this adventure like no other, you’ll experience heat, Berber life, delicious food, and the raw, unparalleled beauty of the great Sahara Desert.

But let’s not beat around the bush. There are no toilets on this trip. Loos look more like a hole in the ground inside a little tent, and there’s certainly no porcelain in sight. 

But if you can make do without mod-cons, you’ll reap the rewards of embracing this Sahara desert trek through the biggest hot desert in the world. 

The lack of light pollution and remoteness from civilisation means you’re guaranteed the most breath-taking views of the stars above. Think camping in deepest, darkest rural Wales and then take it to a whole different level. Ten levels, more like. 

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