The Best of Nepal 2022/23

See “Nepal” and you probably think “mountains”. But take a quick look at the challenge rating up there and you’ll realise that this trip to Nepal isn’t like the rest of them. You won’t be climbing Everest or freezing your, err, “bits” off on Mera Peak on this adventure. But an adventure it most definitely is.

Stupas strewn with fluttering prayer flags, intoxicating incense billowing through the crisp air, rugged peaks shrouded in cloud and verdant jungles await you in Nepal, and you’re going to see it all. Traditional Tharu dances and teahouses? Check. Rivers and rhododendron forests? Got them. Spectacular safari?! Why of course. If you’ve been dreaming of the rich culture and stunning landscapes of ancient Nepal, but you don’t fancy hot-footing it up one of the tallest mountains in the world, this is the trip for you.