Chile & Easter Island Tours

Looking for a diverse Chilean adventure that leaves no stone unturned and offers you a rich diversity of experiences? You’ve just found it. 

On this Bucket List Company trip to Chile, you’ll contemplate cosmopolitan Santiago, amble through the arid landscapes of the Atacama Desert and witness the most stunning sunsets over salty lagoons. 

And that’s all before you’ve even set foot on Easter Island, where the magical ancient moai statues will enchant you like no other mystery has before. 

Dramatic, stark vistas like these only exist within the borders of the world’s longest country. It might be narrow too, but its wide spectrum of cultural and geographical variety will surprise you at every turn as you pack in so much on this unique adventure.

Just make sure you pack a jumper because it’s Chile over there. (It’s not really, but it wouldn’t be a page about Chile without a terrible pun now, would it?)