Great Wall of China Trek, 2022/23

So it can’t really be seen from the moon, but who cares? 

With a history this rich and the most impressive specifications of any man-made structure ever built, the Great Wall of China will capture your heart and soul regardless. 

No, you won’t be walking the whole thing. (That’d take you about 18 months and we’ve only got ten days to play with.)

But you will be soaking up some serious Chinese culture, traditions and local life at their finest on your 10-day trek along the Great Wall of China. So join us to hike these rugged paths and explore the wild beauty that can only belong to this incredible country. 

Each day of the trek will challenge and delight you. You’ll get off the beaten track, head further from Beijing and delve deep into the dense countryside for some truly awesome views on your journey like no other.