Croatia & Montenegro Holidays 2022/23

Who else wants to relax on white sandy beaches, dip beneath the azure seas and kayak beneath majestic limestone cliffs?
If adventure travel’s your thing, and you’re not totally impartial to a little bit of lounging around in the sun, this 8-day escapade is certainly going to satisfy your wanderlust. Welcome to Croatia and Montenegro!

Two disgustingly beautiful countries for the price of one, right here in Europe – just a few hours away. And in a delicious departure from classic Bucket List Co style, you won’t be setting foot on a mountain or trekking through a desert on this trip.
But it’s not all lying around either. No no, my friend. You’ll be getting your swimmers on for kayaking, snorkelling, white water rafting, hiking and biking. Feel free to don some more clothes at that point, if you’re that way inclined. Or don’t. It’s your holiday.