India Himalayan Treks

If you thought the only thing you can do in the Himalayas is climb a mountain, then think again.  

On this Bucket List Co adventure to the Indian Himalayan foothills, you’ll not only be trekking, but rafting, canyoning, ziplining and safariing too. When we say “adventure”, we really mean it, and that’s exactly what you’ll get on this incredible trip to India. 

Quite a bit of curry as well. 

Dramatic topography, lush valleys, stunning waterfalls, traditional villages and awesome wildlife await you on this adventure of a lifetime in India. Rickshaw rides, ancient architecture and maybe even the Bengal tiger too. 
And you’ll do it all with the rugged peaks of the mighty Himalayas in sight, with the Ganges flowing by. If your soul needs feeding, you’ll find the perfect recipe in the Indian Himalayas. (But definitely no chicken tikka masalas.)