K2 is the crown of Karakoram. The expedition to the K2 Base Camp makes for one of the most exciting and breathaking treks in existence. Being the secong highest mount in the world, this means it is relatively difficult to climb. However, the terrain is rather easy. The expedition begins in the remote village of Askole, the trail winds its way along the grand Braldu Valley before mounting the Baltoro Glacier to Concordia. Concordia is one of the few places on Earth where it’s possible to see four peaks from one place: K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II.

Of course, this is no Sunday afternoon ramble. The K2 Base Camp trek requires willpower, with 12 days of challenging trekking at altitudes of up to 5,400 metres. However, the views, the people and the experiences make every step worth it. 

You will spend the 18 days mostly treking up the gigantic mountain that is Karakoram and gouping at the once in a life-time scenery that you will bare witness to along the way accompanied by some well earned grub and pit stops.