QUIZ: How Much do you Know about Famous Women Explorers of History?

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Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Today is a day to celebrate the often under-appreciated achievements and contributions of women to the world, and to focus on empowering women and girls globally. When it comes to travel and adventure, this is a very important thing to do. Historically, adventure has been far less accessible to women, who were (and in many cases, still are) expected to spend most of their lives in the home, fulfilling domestic roles instead of exploring the world.

As we mentioned in our last blog post, most of the famous explorers of history are men because of this inequality. However, there were several important women who defied the odds in years gone by and changed the world through travel, often risking it all to do so.

Here at The Bucket List Company, we are passionate about making life-changing adventure travel accessible to as many people as possible – whatever their gender. In order to encourage women to push the boundaries of travel and adventure, we need to recognise and celebrate the amazing female explorers who can inspire us all.

But how much do you actually know about these adventurous explorers? Find out in our quiz below!

If the stories of these valiant female explorers has made you want to get out and see the world for yourself, whether you want to trek in the Sahara like Isabelle Eberhardt or find out about our trips to Everest Base Camp to see the Himalayas like Junko Tabei, contact us today on 0176 930 9007 to find out what adventurers we could have in store for you…

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