The amazing Tambopata Research Center is the only lodge that lies within the Tambopata National Reserve, one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. It is one of the most remote lodges in South America, and its pristine location means that it’s surrounded by the best wildlife the Amazon jungle has to offer. 

A whole range of excursions are available from the lodge, with experienced and bilingual jungle guides who can teach you everything about the rainforest. And when you’re not out exploring the rivers and rainforest, you can relax at the beautiful lodge, swinging in your locally-made hammock, getting an Amazonian massage, or drinking rainforest-inspired cocktails in the relaxing bar! 

 Your Amazon adventure begins when we pick you up from the airport in Puerto Maldonado. We’ll then drive for 10 minutes to our Puerto Maldonado headquarters. If you have any luggage that you won’t need during the next few days, you can safely leave it here, which will help keep the boats and cargo light. 

We’ll then drive to the Tambopata River Port, where we can board our boat to the Tambopata Research Center. The boat journey takes about three hours, and it’s a wonderful experience as we venture ever further into the jungle, seeing all the colorful birds of the rainforest. On arrival at the lodge, the manager will welcome you and give you important navigation and security tips. Once you’ve settled in, you can plan the rest of your day by choosing from one of the many excursions on offer (see below). 

Macaw Clay Lick – Colorado 

On most clear mornings throughout the year, dozens of large macaws and hundreds of parrots and parakeets congregate in a raucous and colorful spectacle on a cliff located near the lodge. There’s a clay lick at this cliff, where the birds gather to feed on the mineral-rich clay. We can watch this amazing display from the other side of the Tambopata River, about 50 meters (165 feet) from the cliff. We’ll have an unobstructed view (weather permitting), and with our powerful telescopes we can watch green-winged, scarlet and blue-and-gold macaws and several species of smaller parrots and parakeets. The clay lick excursion is done at dawn when the clay lick is most active. 

Birdwatching: Beginners 

Our expert birding guide will take you out to spot the incredible variety of birds in the reserve. You’ll learn about the proper use of binoculars and telescopes, the basics about bird watching techniques, how to identify the main families, and recognize sounds. 

Birdwatching: Moderate

This is a more in-depth birding experience for people who are already familiar with birdwatching equipment and techniques. Your guide will focus on teaching you how to differentiate between different rainforest habitats and how to better understand the behavioral patterns of your favorite bird species.

Birdwatching: Hardcore

If you’re a seasoned birdwatcher, then this is the excursion for you. Your guide will help you spot specific species that you are interested in during an intense four-hour birding session in search of any elusive birds missing from your list.

The World of Butterflies

The Tambopata National Reserve holds the world record for the number butterfly species. Our guides and researchers have identified all their favorite habitats, so they can show you the most magnificent butterflies you’ll ever see. The butterflies are all shapes and sizes; some are colorful, some are drab, and some are transparent. It’s a great visual experience, and great for photographers too.

Ceiba Walk

This hike takes you along the Ceiba trail, where you can see the largest tree in the vicinity: the giant ceiba. The indigenous people of the Amazon consider these trees sacred.

Amazon Overlook Trail

This 3 to 5 km hike takes you through a regenerating old bamboo forest on the way to some stunning overlooks with magnificent views of the Tambopata River as it winds its way into the lowlands.

Monkey Search

Monkeys are always a popular attraction in the rainforest, and this 5 km trail takes you to a habitat of smaller, thinner trees where many monkey species like to hang out. As you watch these charming primates, your guide will tell you all about the curious and lively inhabitants of this captivating forest.

Island Exploration & Pond

Just 10 minutes upriver from the lodge is a small pond with a platform in the middle. Here you can see waterfowl such as the beautiful agami heron, capped heron, the rare curassow, Muscovy duck and hoatzin. You can also spot woodpeckers, oropendolas, flycatchers and parakeets that live around the pond. Keep an eye on the water, and you might also spot some caimans.

Palm Swamp Trail

Aguaje palms are one of the most important food sources in the rainforest for many mammal species. This excursion takes you to one of these swamp ecosystems where the palms thrive, creating a picturesque habitat where wildlife spotting opportunities abound.

Giants of the Amazon

This 5 km trail takes you to some of the most impressive trees in the jungle, including giant ceibas, figs, shihuahuacos, funny-looking “Potbellied” palms, and 400-year-old Ironwoods. Some of the trees rise 50 meters (160 feet) into the canopy, and their giant trunks and far-ranging root systems that will leave you in awe. During the trek, you might also see squirrel monkeys, brown capuchins, spider monkeys and peccaries.

Adventure to de Bowl

If you feel like an early morning adventure, set off on this 4-hour trek to the Bowl, a patch of forest where wildlife spotting opportunities abound. You’ll pass through various habitats during the hike, and your trekking will be rewarded with some excellent wildlife encounters.

Bamboo Trail

Bamboo forests are some of the most remarkable and mega diverse ecosystems in Tambopata. It creates a whole new habitat, and many species choose to call it home. This trek is perfect for birdwatchers as some highly specialize species of birds are found here.


The Rainforest Master Hike

If you love trekking and nature, then this is the hike for you! It takes about 6 hours and passes through a range of ecosystems, giving you plenty of opportunities to spot a wide range of wildlife. Just bring plenty of water and insect repellent!

Night Walk

Walking through the rainforest at night challenges all your senses. In deep darkness, surrounded by an array of jungle sounds and with the aid of your guide’s powerful spotlight, you enter a world inhabited by the most unique, diverse and shy night creatures. If fortunate, you will be able to find poison dart frogs, night monkeys, tarantulas, amphibians and insects with the most unique adaptations to life under the cover of darkness.

Macaw project nest visit

The rainforest dynamic shifts at night, and walking through the jungle after dark is a fascinating experience that will engage all of your senses. The cacophony of noises that emanate from the jungle is incredible, and using your guide’s spotlight you can search for a variety of nocturnal creatures, including poison dart frogs, night monkeys, tarantulas, amphibians and insects that have a range of unique adaptations that help them live their lives in the dark.

Macaw Project Lectures

These after-dinner lectures give a fascinating insight into the biology of macaws, including their feeding and breeding habits and theories as to why they eat at clay licks  

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