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Want to experience one of the tallest mountains on Planet Earth without ice axes and easy acclimatisation? A hike through the mesmerising Moroccan countryside to the top of Mount Toubkal could be the trip for you. 

Mount Toubkal is the most popular peak in the Atlas Mountains, and for good reason.

While it’s the tallest mountain you’ll find in North Africa, it’s actually pretty straightforward to get up and down, so there’s no need to fret about your fitness – as long as you’re pretty active you’ll get up it no problem.

What’s so good about Toubkal?

One of things we love most about Mount Toubkal is the other-worldly peace – a contrast from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech.

As you trek your way to the top, the only sounds you’ll hear are entirely natural, which makes it even easier to focus on the jaw-dropping views you’ll enjoy all the way through your ascent, as well as at the peak. 

You’ll have some pretty pleasant company throughout your trek – with super friendly mules lugging your stuff up; no chairlifts or Land Rovers in sight on Toubkal!

Wildlife on Mount Toubkal

Mules aren’t the only animals you’ll experience – keep your eyes peeled for the amazing mouflon (a wild sheep with gigantic horns), golden eagles, as well as a huge variety of insects, snakes, lizards, and rare mammals like North African hedgehogs, sand cats and fennecs.

Mule heading to the Toubkal Refuge

That’s the fauna; what about the flora?

You’re well covered there too: 15% of the national park is covered in forests! A huge array of plants are scattered most of the way to the summit, and wildflowers, fruit trees and walnut groves are dotted upon the harsh mountainous landscape.

Accompanying the beautiful scenery and stunning wildlife is a truly unique temperature – the humming heat of an African day, and then the super cool nights and the clear sky giving you an incredible opportunity to see the Milky Way.

Culture on Mount Toubkal 

Moroccan culture is like no other, and during your Mount Toubkal trek, you’ll experience the incredible variety the country has to offer.

You’ll kick things off with a stay in a Riad in the heart of Marrakech, giving you a chance to enjoy the hustle and bustle, soak up the sights, sounds and smells and barter with the local souks for all kinds of spices, gifts and fabric. 

And when it’s time to escape to the country, you’ll have an expedition of a lifetime to look forward to.The contrast between the joy and exuberance of Marrakech, and the otherworldliness at the top of Toubkal has to be witnessed to be understood.

During your trip, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to really immerse yourself in Moroccan culture – with a chance to understand the life of a Nomad, sip on a traditional Moroccan mint tea, and enjoy a true tagine in the country that made them famous.

Trekker on route to Mount Toubkal

How to Prepare for Trekking Mount Toubkal 

As the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and although Toubkal’s difficulty level doesn’t match its height, that doesn’t mean you can just rock up and get it done.

While it’s a non-technical climb, you’ll still be trekking 72km and ascending 4,218m, which – by most measures – is a fair bit of walking.

To make the most of it, it’d be smart to spend some time getting fit before your trip – a few regular jogs and practice hikes will ensure it’s the views that take your breath away rather than the hike itself.

Toubkal Quickfire Questions

When’s the best time to climb Mount Toubkal?

While it’s technically possible to hike Mount Toubkal in every month of the year, we’d highly recommend you avoid the summer months from June to August. 

With temperatures reaching around 30°C whilst you’re still high up in the rocky terrain of the highlands, it really can be oppressively hot.

That said, the ascent is more challenging during the winter months, so most of our treks tend to be in April and May and September and October, with our Winter Toubkal Trek more challenging, and more appropriate for those with a bit more experience.

How long does it take to climb Mount Toubkal?

It depends. You can rock up to Marrakech and get a guide who’ll help you get it done in two days, but for us, that’s too quick to really enjoy the experience; and it’s a lot more tiring too!

The trek part of our trip takes four days, with a couple of days either side to get yourself there and experience Marrakech.

What equipment do I need to Trek Mount Toubkal?

Not much.  

Ideally walking boots AND shoes, as well as layers of clothing that you can take off and on depending on the temperature.

If you’ve only got one type of footwear, you’ll manage, but boots are definitely an advantage as the terrain gets a lot rockier and steeper the higher you go.

Temperatures will be down as low as 3°C at night, so a sleeping bag that’ll keep you warm in those conditions is also critical, as are crampons, especially if you’re trekking during the winter.

When you book with the Bucket List Company, everything else is provided for you before the climb.

Mount Toubkal

Is altitude sickness a danger on Mount Toubkal?

Toubkal is at altitude, but with the highest overnight just 3,200m, severe conditions are unlikely.

Our guides are trained to deal with altitude sickness, so you’ll be in good hands if it does strike you, but for most, mild symptoms are all you can expect – just remember to take on lots of fluids to help combat any sickness.

What will I eat during the expedition to Mount Toubkal?

Food and drink will be provided through your trek, ranging from traditional Moroccan dishes like tagine and harira, to fish, fresh fruit and salads. 

You’ll fuel up with a big breakfast to ensure you’ve got the energy, and the eating will continue throughout the day – plenty of calories are needed to get to the top of Toubkal!

What do Trekkers think of Mount Toubkal?

“If you’re looking for a great hiking trip where you meet great people, expert guides and eat delicious food, you should definitely go and do it! You won’t regret booking this trip because every day is different and quite simply, it’s an awesome experience.” Mark Snowdon (Participant)

“It gives you the chance to see so many things. From ancient cities to mountains, the ocean and the Sahara Desert, there is something for everyone. The great culture and friendly people make it a great place to see and experience.” Mohammed Aitmesskouk (Toubkal Guide)

Take a look at more reviews for our Mount Toubkal Trek if you’d like to read more about the fabulous time our adventurers spent climbing Mount Toubkal and exploring Marrakech.

Does Toubkal tickle your fancy? You could be ticking it off your Bucket List from as little as £20 a month. Check out our Mount Toubkal trek online or give us a call on 01769 309007 to get all the details and book your trip now. 

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