Which Bucket List Adventures Should You Tick off in 2020?

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We’re into a new year (Happy New Year, by the way!), and with all of 2020 laying before us, many of us will have spent the last couple of weeks setting ourselves goals for the year.

Some of us will still be going strong with our resolutions, others will already of fallen off the bandwaggon – but that’s ok, because we’re here to tell you why you should forget the diets and exercise regimes, and instead focus on what really matters this year… adventure!

2020 is set to be an amazing year, and there’s no need to punish yourself with strict rules and regimens – instead, why not treat yourself and enrich your life for good by ticking off that next big bucket list adventure?!

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your year of travel, here are our suggestions of the top bucket list adventures you should tick off in 2020!

Inca Trail, Peru

Trekking the Inca Trail has got to be on every adventure traveller’s bucket list. This Peru Machu Picchu trip offers the perfect combination of spectacular landscapes, fantastic hiking and cultural experiences that you will find nowhere else in the world. And, at the end of the trek, you will be able to pass through the famous Sun Gate and enter the ancient Incan ruins in all their grandiosity.

Now is a great time to get the Inca Trail ticked off your bucket list because there is an airport being developed close to the ruins, set to open in a few years’ time. This will alter the atmosphere of the sacred site, making it much noisier and busier, so if you want to experience Machu Picchu in its true form, you need to get there fast!

We have various treks to Machu Picchu running throughout 2020 to 2022, but if you’re super keen to get there soon, there are still spaces on our May 2020 Inca Trail trip – just give us a call on 01769 309 007 to discuss booking!

Great Wall of China

Another iconic site that every traveller wants to visit is the Great Wall of China. But don’t just do a day-trip, experience the rich and varied wonders of this UNESCO World Heritage Site on a multi-day Great Wall of China trek.

On this trip, you will get to experience all the highlights of not only the wall but the nearby capital of Beijing, too. Immerse yourself in the history of the world’s longest wall, hiking along the ancient and restored sections that weave through the mountains, before heading to Beijing to explore the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square and much more.

This is a fantastic trip for people who want to combine cultural experiences with a bit of adventure, as you will be able to trek for several days, as well as engage in activities such as Tai Chi, cooking classes and riding on the famous Great Wall of China toboggan. We still have spaces left for our Great Wall of China trip in October 2020, so get booking now!

Island Peak, Nepal

If you’ve got a few mountain summits under your belt, and are looking to up the ante, you should definitely add Island Peak to your 2020 travel bucket list.

This impressive mountain, known locally as Imja Tse, stands at 6,189 metres above sea level and is so-called because it resembles an island jutting out of a sea of ice when seen from Dingboche on the Everest Base Camp trail.

Climbing Island Peak is a real achievement – on this epic expedition, you will learn how to trek at altitude, use ice safety equipment and avoid crevices whilst climbing in the world’s most famous mountaineering region.

It does generally take some training to prepare for Island Peak, but if you’re already in good mountain shape and want to take it to the next level this year, why not join our Everest Base Camp and Island Peak trek in October 2020? Call us on 01769 309 007 to discuss your options!

Ultimate Tanzania Experience

For many of us, 2020 is about being more conscious in every aspect of our lives, from our environmental impact to how we travel. If this year you are looking for something with a great balance of outdoor activity, cultural interaction and giving a bit back to local communities, then should look no further than our Ultimate Tanzania Experience trip.

This fantastic Tanzania trip takes you through all of the highlights of the country in one awesome itinerary. One day you will be trekking up Mount Meru, a spectacular mountain with even more spectacular views of Kilimanjaro, the next you will be on the world’s best safari in Ngorongoro National Park.

You will also spend several days volunteering in a local school, helping to paint classrooms, play with the students – or whatever else needs doing. This really is the perfect trip for the traveller who is looking to transition into becoming more sustainable in 2020.

If you’d like to join us on this brilliantly-varied trip to Tanzania, there are spaces available on our Ultimate Tanzania Experience trip in July 2020 – give us a call to find out more!

White Water Rafting, Morocco

If you’re already looking for an escape, why not book yourself a white water rafting trip for 2020? We have spaces available on our Morocco white water rafting trip in February 2020, and it’s the perfect opportunity to try something a little bit different if you’ve come into 2020 with itchy feet!

On this fantastic trip, we head out to the High Atlas Mountains to sample the white water of the Ahansal River. We will navigate the rushing rapids (up to grade 4), weaving between the canyon walls at break-neck speeds, before slowing down to a paddle to take in some of the impressive landscapes such as Cathedral Rock. It might be hidden away in a remote location, but this is a truly incredible place – there’s a reason why it’s called ‘Morocco’s Grand Canyon’!

After each day’s rafting, we’ll camp Berber-style beneath the stars – and you’ll even get a chance to explore Marrakech during the trip, too!

So there are just a few ideas of which bucket list adventures you should get ticked off in 2020. Sounds much better than New Year’s resolutions, doesn’t it?!

If you’d like to find out more about these trips – or any of our other trips – just contact us on 01769 309 007 and our team of adventure travel experts will be happy to help!

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