Which Animals Can You See on Safari in Tanzania?

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Every good adventure bucket list should have “go on a safari in Africa” written near the top. Seeing the phenomenal wildlife of the African savannas in person is a truly inspiring experience. This is a chance to immerse yourself in the wonders of the natural world, spotting elusive animals that are found nowhere else coexisting in the wild.

Luckily for our Bucketlisters, we offer incredible safari trips as add-on experiences for any of our trips to Tanzania. Whether you’re planning on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or looking forward to cycling around the Ngorongoro Crater, treating yourself to one of our expert-led safaris after your adventure is a must.

Here is a taste of the magnificent wildlife you can expect to see on a safari in Tanzania…

The Big Five

Lion on Safari in Tanzania

First of all, we have the “Big Five” – the creatures that most people set out to see on an African safari trip. Lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards and the black rhino make up the “Big Five”, so named because they are the most difficult animals to hunt on foot. 

This is lucky because they’re much better seen from a safe distance as they go about their daily lives – whether it’s a lion prowling through the jungle or leopards stalking prey; elephants washing themselves or black rhino munching on leaves. Going on a safari in Tanzania is an unmissable opportunity to see these endangered creatures in real life. 


Gazelles on safari trip in Tanzania

Gazelles are among the easiest animals to spot whilst on safari in Tanzania. The Grant and Thompson gazelles can be spotted almost anywhere in the country, dashing around at up to 100 kilometres per hour to avoid predators!


Giraffe seen on safari in Tanzania

Giraffes are one of those animals that you just can’t see in their true light except on safari in Africa. You will be astounded by their height in person – reaching up to 19 feet tall! Catching sight of a group of giraffes grazing on treetop leaves, or galloping around amusingly with their long, gangly legs is an amazing experience.


Zebra on Safari in Tanzania

Another truly unique animal to spot in Tanzania is the zebra. Seeing a hundred-strong herd of zebras running across the savanna is almost like an optical illusion, with their stripes standing out in stark contrast to the scrubland.


Cheetah seen on Tanzanian safari

Cheetahs are the fastest land animals in the world, able to sprint at up to 70 miles per hour! You’ll be in awe if you spot these stunning big cats – whether they’re running past in a blur, or simply soaking up the sun on the plains.

Pink Flamingos

Flamingoes on safari holiday Tanzania

When you approach a flock of flamingos, what you will first observe is a blanket of pink flickering over a shimmering surface. Any large body of water in Tanzania is likely to be inhabited by groups of striking flamingoes – particularly at Lake Natron, Lake Manyara, or the Ngorongoro Crater.


Hippos on safari trip to Tanzania

Hippos are some of the best-loved animals in the world, and you’ll consider yourself very lucky when you see them on safari in Tanzania! Spot them lazing around in lakes and watering holes keeping cool, slapping away the flies with their tails.


Crocodile on Tanzania safari holiday

Crocodiles like to bathe in the cool waters of lakes and pools throughout Tanzania, and if you can spot their murky camouflage, they are fascinating to behold. You might even see them hunting wildebeest and other animals in the shallows!


Wildebeest on Tanzania safari Africa

Over a million wildebeest live in East Africa, so whether or not you’re visiting during the Great Migration season, you’re sure to see plenty of wildebeest. You’ll either see these animals grazing, or avoiding the watchful glare of the hunting big cats.


Hyena on safari in Tanzania

The sight of a pack of hyenas moving in sync as you drive past is truly impressive. You’re sure to see these intelligent pack animals during a Tanzanian safari, and hear their iconic laughs echoing across the landscape.

These are just a few of the animals you can see on safari in Tanzania! We offer a three-day safari add-on for all of our trips in Tanzania – to find out more about these unforgettable excursions, click here or contact us on 01769 309 007!

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