When will we travel again?

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Okay, real talk. When can we travel again? Well, if it’s for essential reasons like business, funerals, or maybe you just need to get your eyes checked… You can go now, apparently… But WHEN can we travel for fun again? And, when can we expect to be heading out on that next adventure? WHEN CAN WE FEEL THE ADRENALINE PUMPING AS WE CLIMB MOUNT ELBRUS BORIS?!

Well, in a nutshell – soon?

With the vaccine rollout going better than expected, numbers finally starting to fall after Lockdown 3.0. Summer is on the horizon and I don’t think it’s actually that unreasonable to expect a late 2021 trip to Morocco.

The £106bn travel industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. With countries banning entry to high-risk nations, people’s income being reduced and the world going into lockdown. There has been a massive impact on the tourism industry as a whole and it’s going to be a difficult road ahead. If anyone can recover, it’s the adventure lover!

The desire to tick it off your Bucket List is being outweighed by the worry felt of traveling abroad. It is totally understandable, but as things continue to develop, we’re going to look at what will play a factor in getting us exploring again.

The Vaccine

With countries looking at vaccine passports, and the main reason for banning entry to a nation being the infection rate of where the traveller is coming from. The Vaccine is probably going to be the deciding factor as to when we can get back to traveling. With over 12 Million people currently vaccinated in the United Kingdom, the rollout in the UK is going exceptionally well.

With experts like Axel Hefer, CEO of Trivago, saying; ‘As infections start to go down and more people get vaccinated, we are hopeful that close to Easter will be a crucial turning point for domestic travel in the UK, with travel abroad following that in the months ahead.’ So I think we can hope that if the rollout continues to go this smoothly, Axel is making a fairly accurate prediction.


Whilst the best things in life are free, unfortunately travel isn’t. I mean we’ve got mouths to feed here at the Bucket List company, and Amazon Prime to pay for. Whether you’ve been working from home (we see you there sporting your shirt and PJ bottoms…) on a respectable 80%, or unfortunately lost your job. Money is always going to play a factor in booking your dream trip.

So, can we expect any support from the Government to help us book a holiday when the worlds starts to open up? Well just like the hospitality industry had ‘Eat Out to Help Out’, We here at the Bucket List Company are campaigning for ‘Get the Nation a Vacation’ – we joke of course… But whilst many industry experts are calling for support from the government nothing has yet been announced.

That being said, on the 15th Feb the UK Gov are expected to release some stats on the impact COVID-19 has had on the UK travel and tourism industry. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed that some information about a support scheme comes out.

People Perception

It’s completely acceptable to be worried about traveling at this moment in time. No one wants to be stuck abroad with anything, let alone COVID, nor do they want to be putting themselves at risk in the first place. I mean after all over 100 million people have now been infected worldwide. I guess this point ties in with the Vaccine. As the world continues to vaccinate its population, travel will soon be seen as safe as it once was.

Along with the health worry, people right now won’t see much point in booking as they would be worried that they’re trip would be postponed or even cancelled. With many stories going around of big companies not refunding these unfortunate cases, the scepticism is just. 

HOWEVER here at the Bucket List company we have a Ultimate Flex policy. This means if you book during the pandemic and your trip is cancelled for whatever reason you will be offered a refund, a new trip or a new date. You can book with confidence that your trip WILL go ahead, and you wont be losing out.


So, in conclusion? If you’re looking at going away but staying closer to home, the middle of 2021 is not an unreasonable shout. So why not check out our European adventures – https://neon.ly/Bucket-List-Europe

But if you’re looking at going on a long-haul flight? Then the end of 2021 going into 2022 is your best bet. Not only will you feel more comfortable with the worlds recovery by then, but it will give you more time to pay. So why not book your next dream trek today – https://neon.ly/Bucket-List-Destinations

What if I’ve already booked? Well just like new bookings you’ll be covered by our Ultimate Flex policy. Although right now everything is planned and going ahead. If the unfortunate should happen, we can offer you a refund, new date or a new trip! Like most industries the Travel sector is waiting for an announcement from the Government for some official dates. Until then we will be planning everything to make sure that your trip is all ready to go ahead as planned.

So what to do until then? Before abroad travel re-opens, UK travel will first, so why not book yourself onto one of our awesome training weekends. This will keep that blood pumping, the adrenaline flowing, and that DREAM ALIVE. – https://neon.ly/Bucket-List-Training

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