When is the best time to visit Indonesia?

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Your month-by-month digest of the weather in Indonesia and the best time to go.

So you’re thinking about your next adventure and want to know when’s the best time to visit Indonesia, huh? Then you’re in luck, because the best time to visit Indonesia is all year long

Well, okay, some times of year are better than others depending on what you want to get out of your trip. But this place has SO much going for it that you’ll always have a great time, whatever the season.

If you’re looking for beaches and sun, the dry season from June to September is the time to go. The rainy season from October through March can be fun if you like adventures and exploring new places that aren’t covered in tourists yet.

So let’s do this shall we? Here’s your deep dive guide into the best time to visit Indonesia.

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When is the wet season in Indonesia? 

If you’re an avid tropical-weather fan, Indonesia is definitely the place for you. The country has a wet season and a dry season, just like most others on earth. In Indonesia, the wet season runs from October through March, which means there’ll be more storms and typhoons then than at any other time of year.

The dry season lasts from April through September; this is when most tourists come to experience Indonesia’s natural beauty without getting drenched in rain or hit by lightning bolts…or both. 

But does that mean the driest season is always the best time to visit Indonesia? You’ve got other things to factor in if you’re thinking about travelling to Indonesia, like when you’re most likely to meet other tourists…

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When are there fewest tourists in Indonesia? 

The wet season
It’s hardly surprising that the rainy season sees the fewest tourists flocking to Indonesia. But the beauty is, that’s exactly when the jungle and rice paddies are at their lushest. Towards the end of the wet season, once the rains have fallen and showers are increasingly few and far between, you could just get the best experience of Indonesia’s natural beauty – and without caboodles of tourists at every turn. 

During Ramadan
The Muslim holiday occurs in September or October and during this time, many Indonesians travel to their hometowns to visit family and friends. This means there will be fewer tourists at popular tourist spots like Bali and Java’s Borobudur temple complex (where visitors are required to wear sarongs).

The end of the school year in June/July
You’ll tend to see an influx of students from across Indonesia heading to the best tourist spots to holiday before their final exams – they’re usually gone by mid-July meaning you’ll meet fewer people on your travels then. 

Late December/early Jan
New Year is just as big a deal in Indonesia as it is in the western world, which means most people take leave from work for holidays and New Year celebrations at the end of December. And that often leaves cities like Jakarta nice and quiet!

When is the best time of year to visit Bali? 

Let’s be real for a second here, if you’re visiting Bali then you want the warm sun, the blue skies and the even bluer seas. 

So realistically the best time to visit the island of Bali is always going to be between May and October, when it’s not too hot or rainy. The climate in Bali is tropical and has two distinct seasons: dry season (May-October) and rainy season (November-April).

The dry season brings warm temperatures with a daily average of 28°C, clear skies, low humidity, plenty of sunshine and lighter winds. The rainy season tends to be more humid, though the afternoon showers often last just a few minutes each day.

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When is the best time to visit Indonesia – month by month analysis!

So now you’ve got more of the facts, let’s take a quick look at what happens with the weather in Indonesia from month to month…

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What is the weather like in Indonesia in January?

Days are usually pretty hot and the evenings fairly balmy, so you’d want to pack lots of light, cool clothing if you were visiting Indonesia in January. The rainy season starts coming to an end in some parts of the country, but you should still expect heavy rain and thunderstorms at times. 

Temperatures average around 27°C, but it can get quite warm during the day and as cool as 22°C at night.

What is the weather like in Indonesia in February?

With average temperatures around 26°C, February can be a great time to visit Indonesia. Just be prepared for the possibility of rain no matter where you go, with humid days punctuated with fairly intense downpours. 

What is the weather like in Indonesia in March?

The weather in Indonesia tends to get sunnier and drier in March. Day temperatures are around 28-30°C, there’s an average 60% chance of rain and a 20% chance of humidity. There is also still a 20% chance of thunderstorms, which makes sense because it’s springtime! Bring your umbrella. 

What is the weather like in Indonesia in April?

The weather in Indonesia in April is warm, but not too hot. The average temperature is 25 to 32°C degrees, meaning you can enjoy your trip without having to deal with extreme heat or humidity.

The rainy season’s now over, but there’s still some rain throughout most of the country during this time of year, so don’t take that umbrella out of your bag just yet if you plan on visiting one of Indonesia’s tropical islands!

What is the weather like in Indonesia in May?

In May, the weather in Indonesia is getting warmer with an average of 28°C and highs of 32-33°C, plus lovely evening temperatures around 24°C. 

Humidity levels are fairly high, especially in the rainforest regions but you’ll see plenty of blue skies in most of the country and there aren’t many months better than May if you’re after a beach type holiday.

What is the weather like in Indonesia in June?

For many people, the best time of year to visit Indonesia is in June, when the weather is warm and humid. Average temperatures remain around 28-29°C and you can take advantage of the numerous water sports available at this time of year or go hiking through one of Indonesia’s many national parks. 

There’s also plenty of time left over for sunbathing at one of Bali’s beaches or even snorkelling in Komodo National Park (if you’re feeling adventurous).

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What is the weather like in Indonesia in July?

The weather in Indonesia in July is generally warm and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 23°C to 29°C. If you’re planning on visiting one of Indonesia’s beaches, this is definitely a good time to go – the water will be warm enough for swimming without being too hot or cold. 

What is the weather like in Indonesia in August?

In most parts of the country, you can expect average temperatures of around 27-30°C with occasional rain showers to help cool things down. 

The beaches are particularly lovely during this time of year, with clear blue waters and gentle ocean breezes to keep you comfortable. Whether you’re planning to explore Bali’s lush forests, soak up the sun in Lombok, or dive into the pristine waters of Raja Ampat, August is a great month to experience all the natural beauty that Indonesia has to offer.

What is the weather like in Indonesia in September?

Lots of people say September is the best time to visit Indonesia because it’s not too hot with daytime temperatures ranging from 20-30°C with an average 26-29°C. You’ll still need a light jacket or sweater for the evenings on some of the islands though.

September is a great time to explore Indonesia’s cities and cultural sites without feeling too hot and bothered. While there may be the odd shower, they usually don’t last too long, and the skies quickly clear up to reveal bright blue skies and sunshine. 

Just be sure to bring a light jacket or sweater for the cooler evenings, and don’t forget to try some of the delicious seasonal fruits like mangosteen, rambutan, and durian!

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What is the weather like in Indonesia in October?

For any adventurer who loves warm and sunny weather without scorching heat, October is the best time to visit Indonesia. The average temperatures typically range between 25-28°C, which is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, snorkelling, or simply lounging on the beach. 

While there may be occasional rain showers, they usually don’t last long and can be a welcome relief from the heat. In some parts of the country, such as Bali, the weather in October is perfect for surfing, with consistent waves and fewer crowds than during the peak season. 

What is the weather like in Indonesia in November?

November could be your month to visit Indonesia if you’re looking for slightly cooler temperatures and fewer crowds than during the high season. 

The weather is starting to cool down with average temperatures ranging between 24-27°C, perfect for exploring the country’s natural beauty without feeling too hot or bothered. The occasional rain showers don’t last long and make Indonesia’s most stunning natural wonders – like Komodo National Park or the Togean Islands – really look their best. 

One of the most popular festivals in Indonesia during November is the Toraja International Festival, which celebrates the unique cultural traditions and customs of the Toraja people in Sulawesi with music, dance, and elaborate rituals. 

What is the weather like in Indonesia in December?

If you’re seeking a break from the chilly winter weather elsewhere in the world, December is the best month to visit Indonesia. The average temperatures typically range between 24 and 28°C, perfect for exploring the country’s beautiful natural scenery and cultural sites. 

The occasional rain showers are usually short-lived and you can soak up the sun on pristine islands like Bali, Lombok, or the Gili Islands. Plus, the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in Indonesia are a super unique way to experience the holiday season in a different part of the world!


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Conclusion – when IS the best time to visit Indonesia?!

So if you’ve taken all that in and you’re still wondering when IS the best time to visit Indonesia?, here’s our take on it all.

Generally, the dry season from May to September is the most popular time to visit, with warm and sunny weather making it ideal for outdoor activities and beach vacations. Popular areas like Bali and Java can get pretty crowded, especially in July and August so we reckon you’re best off sticking to the shoulder months of June and September. 

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Whenever you travel to Indonesia, it’s always a good idea to pack sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays, and to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Whether you’re exploring the rice terraces of Ubud, climbing Mount Agung, trekking through the lush rainforests of Kalimantan, or simply enjoying the beautiful beaches of Bali and Lombok, you’re going to have an amazing time, whenever you go.

Make sure you send us your snaps. 

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