What to watch in lockdown. As it’s extended… Again…

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As our mate Boris extends lockdown again we know you’re all wondering what to watch in lockdown. Well, we looked through some of our favourite films and docs on some popular streaming platforms and specially selected our TOP PICKS just for you!

The Lost City of Machu Picchu

Disney plus

Between its cheesy American voiceover and VHS-style video is the story of a fascinating location that still asks questions today. The first thing on our what to watch in lockdown list is this short 45-minute documentary. It gives you everything you need to know about this baffling location, the discovery, the questions and eventually, the answers (ish). As technology has evolved so has the answers and even now the true meaning to the location is not entirely known.

Whether  you’re planning on Visiting Machu Picchu or not, this doc is definitely one to watch, showing you how incredibly resourceful our predecessors were, not just sourcing materials, but in devising and creating historic landmarks than even by todays standards borders on almost impossible.

Experience the wonder for yourself – https://neon.ly/Bucket-List-Machu-Picchu

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Disney plus

Okay, so this one isn’t as ‘adventure’ based as the others, but if you, like me, are waiting for them to legalise marriage to organs so you can marry Jeff’s brain, then you’ll, like me, LOVE THIS.

Each 30 min episode see’s jeff explore a new industry. Learning about how they’ve grown, where they’ve come from, and where they’re going. Often Jeff has very little knowledge on the industry and subjects at hand and so if nothing else, his reactions make watching this programme more than worth it. There’s 12 episodes in all, which we recommend watching 1 a day as to not overdose on the Bluuuum.

Each week has its own subject and therefore you don’t need to see previous episodes in order to watch future ones. Meaning you can pick and choose the subjects you desire! For me, that was episode 6 which saw Jeff immerse himself in some role-playing games, attend an e-sports tournament and explore the world through VR (not as good as the real thing though right?!)

If you’re looking for 30 mins full of light hearted fun, where you might learn something too, then definitely check this one out!

Find how the world is according to you – https://neon.ly/Bucket-List-Destinations

The Climb


Out of all the reasons to climb the world’s tallest mountain, to impress a woman is probably one that does not come up much. But in ‘The Climb’, that is exactly what ‘Sammy’ is planning on doing. Now whilst this might sound quite far fetch, ‘The Climb’ is actually based on a true story. It tells the tale of a Senegalese-Frenchman who climbed Mount Everest with no prior experience in order to prove his love to a woman. The Climb is a French movie with English subtitles.

I’m not sure what impressed me more with this film, the quirky light-hearted tone. The honest, brutal truth about how much a mental battle climbing mountains are, as much as a physical one. How few people actually make it to the top of Everest… Or how much of my GCSE French I remembered. Whichever one it is, if you’ve got a spare 1h45m to kill, I’d definitely recommend adding this to your watch list!

Impress your own lover with our Everest Base Camp Trek – https://neon.ly/Bucket-List-Everest

World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji

Prime Video

Bear Grylls hosts this Amazon Original series. In it we watch 66 teams from 30 different countries take on the toughest Adventure race in the world. Not all of them will finish, but the team that does first comes out with a title that just can’t be bought.

Watching both Elite teams trying to get that first place, as well as total rookies, who’s only goal is to finish, is edge of the seat stuff. Over the 671 kilometre race they experience all terrains, hike/cycle/climb/raft – you name it, they do it. . If you’re starting to get the shakes from missing adventure too much then this programme is definitely going to give you that fix you’ve been longing for.

Find your own adventure now – https://neon.ly/Bucket-List-Destinations

Our Planet


David Attenborough. That’s all the reasons you need to watch this documentary. It wouldn’t be a what to watch in Lockdown list without him.

This Netflix original explores different climates and continents each episode. With 8 x 50 minute long episodes you’ve got plenty of content to dig your pick axe into. And with our boy Dave at the helm, you can expect his trademark of; vibrant visuals, stunning stories, and your daily dose of ASMR.

Even if you’ve not got the time, find it, this is one to watch!

Find your own part of the world to explore here.

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