How Travel Helps You Become A Better Entrepreneur

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Becoming A Better Entrepreneur Through Travel

Travel can be an important right of passage, not only a passport to finding yourself, but also for building maturity, independence and broadening your horizons.

For entrepreneurs looking for a way to make themselves stand out, adventure travel has been shown to improve a wide array of skills that carry on into the professional world.

We recently came across an infographic that illustrated how travel can help broaden your horizons and help you become a better entrepreneur, to see the original infographic click here.

A study created by travel website Expedia found that:

  • 96% felt a boost in self confidence
  • 97% felt more mature and wiser
  • 89% said it helped them deal with uncertainty
  • 95% said it helped them find a more sophisticated way of looking at the world and dealing with issues.

It also showed that those with travel experience gain a competitive advantage in the workplace due to travellers being more effective at communicating their vision and forming relationships with a range of individuals and cultures.


Below are the 6 ways that adventure travel influences a better entrepreneur:

  1. You’ll be more resilient – By going off the beaten track and facing things such as language barriers you will find you adapt better to uncertain situations and build resilience, which is an crucial entrepreneurial trait.
  2. You will be able to communicate your vision more easily – Travelling means adjusting to new languages, ways of communicating and building relationships. Learning new languages has also been proven to improve brainpower and cortical thickness (the size of your brain!) It’s also very handy when growing your business and helping to make you stand out from others.
  3. You’ll become more economical – One of the key aspects to travelling is to be able to stick to a budget whilst getting the most out of your trip; this is best done by negotiating deals and deciding the cheapest ways of day to day aspects such as eating/somewhere to sleep etc without losing out on too much quality. Your time management skills also improve, as you will often have to travel at odd times to get the cheapest deals.
  4. You will discover cultural and business insights – You will discover business practices and opportunities that you may not have otherwise considered, and find ways of incorporating them into your own business to better it.
  5. You will become much more creative – With a tight budget and the possibility of travelling through under-developed countries you will find that you cannot rely on services and support structures that you otherwise take for granted at home. This means solving problems yourself, often in an unconventional and improvised fashion. The study also pointed out that encountering new scenarios outside of a comfort zone could lead to individuals becoming more creative with problem solving.
  6. You will lead rather than manage – When travelling alone or in a group you will often find yourself having to make key decisions at any point throughout the journey. Acquiring these skills will help you to become a leader; someone who inspires their team to go above and beyond, instead of just throwing out orders.

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