Adventure nuts & travel obsessives, join us on a debut Bucket List Co. trip!

Will you be a trailblazer?

At The Bucket List Co. we’re serious about creating unforgettable adventures. We don’t just do a bit of googling and take a punt on where to go and what to do. We research (a lot). We make our own trips. And when we think we’re just about ready to release new adventures to the public, we take a team of trailblazers out first, to make sure we really are onto something. That’s where you come in.

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Who are we looking for?

The travel nuts. The obsessives. The fanatic, fantastic folk who are prepared to take a bit of a gamble in the name of travel. The ones who prioritise adventure and exploration over, well, pretty much everything. Is that you? Keep reading. I’ve a feeling we’re going to become good friends.

Why do we want you?

If you’re into travel – like really into travel – we want you on our trailblazers team. You’ll get to be totally honest throughout, giving us crucial feedback about what’s hot and what’s not on our inaugural trips. You’ll be doing us a massive favour and, hey, you’ll be having an awesome time while you’re at it.

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What’s really involved?

Most likely, you’re going to take the trip of a lifetime (and at a highly reduced price too). Maybe there’ll be things that need tweaking, maybe there’ll be a teething problem or two. Maybe the whole flipping trip will be so incredible that you’ll simply lean back, hands behind your head and say, “Guys, this is perfect. Don’t change a thing.”

Your feedback

All we’re after is honest feedback from people we can trust. You’ll tell us what worked and what didn’t. You’ll let us know if we need to add in different activities or if any of the days were just too long. You’ll have your say on the accommodation and the food too.

We’ll listen, we’ll make changes. Simple as that. However the trailblazing trip goes, you’ll be part of a project that’ll produce an amazing, unforgettable adventure for travellers from the future. And that’s a good feeling. Trust us.

And that’s a good feeling. Trust us.

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So, are you in? Complete an application form today and tell us why.

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