My partner had previously been on a trip to climb Mount Toukal in Morocco with the Bucketlist Company, he came back raving about it and eager to book something else. Not wanting to miss out this time, it was to our delight that we discovered they were running a new trip to Jordan. It coincided with my partner’s 60th birthday and as it was a lifelong dream of his to visit Petra, this was perfect.

As the trip approached and having never remotely done anything like this before, I felt a strange mix of excitement and trepidation. However, my fears were completely unfounded. From the moment we arrived at the airport to be met by the wonderful David, what followed was 10 days of memory making that will last a lifetime. The people, the places we visited, the knowledgeable guide, the variety of accommodation, the food and challenging yourself to take on things you might not consider you are able to do and feel totally supported by the group is just wonderful!

In short, because it really is too much to write in a review. I would highly recommend both this trip and the Bucketlist Company. Can’t wait to do another one, the only problem is choosing which one! – Sheryl Nov 22