NEW Flexible Booking Policy Available


We understand our customers have had a rollercoaster ride over the past 12 months, with trips postponed, plans changed and dreams halted. We as a company within the travel industry at a time when planes have been all but grounded for nearly a year have had to adapt, and as we move into 2021 we are still adapting.

Let’s face it 2021 has not been the fresh start that we all hoped for. We are continuing to look after customers who want to travel as soon as is safe to do so for postponed trips as well as reassuring new customers that planning for the future is still viable. So as we move into this new year we have decided to update and extend our Ultimate Flex Policy. 

The Ultimate Flex policy was an initiative to reassure new customers that we are evolving to survive in these times and that booking with us is a reliable option. As 2021 has not set the tone we were hoping for for the new trekking season we have simplified this policy even further and are now extending this to protect all existing bookings. So what does this mean for your bookings…

Ultimate Flex Booking Option:

Book any trip of your choice (or have an existing booking), pay in monthly instalments and 

change the dates, and/or destination, as many times as you like 

for free* up to 90 days before departure.

If you are a ‘Land Only’ customer, organising your own flights, you will be able to move the dates or destination of your trip up to 90 days before your planned departure date absolutely free of charge.


For those of you who have flights included in your package, you can also amend  your booking up to 90 days before your planned departure with minimal costs of amending airline tickets. We will look at each booking individually. Usually between 180 and 90 days before your planned departure we are able to move your flight for a minimal fee, equivalent to a change of name or date administration charge on any airline ticket. This will be dealt with on a trip by trip basis to make amendments as easy as possible and within the Terms and Conditions of the many airlines we deal with.


If you wish to make any changes less than 90 days before your trip departure or to cancel in full, our usual Terms and Conditions will apply. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimate Flex entitles you to make unlimited free-of-charge* amendments to your original bookings, including date, trip program and destination up to 90 days before the departure date.

*charges may apply to any airline bookings which need amending.

Ultimate Flex requires that you reschedule your trip within 18 months of your original departure date. The 18 months is from the date of your original booking.

If flights have been booked as part of the package, we will liaise with airlines to amend your flight bookings where possible. Usually this is possible with only minimal administration charges between 180-90 days before any trip departure.

Should you decide to completely cancel your trip with us our standard terms and conditions apply. Another option is to transfer your payment to a credit voucher. This voucher is valid for 18 months, and can be gifted to another person of your choice if you decide not to travel.

Usually this would be an exception detailed in our Terms and Conditions, we have been able to negotiate flexibility with our in-country providers to allow much more flexibility in line with the Ultimate Flex policy. Therefore no additional charges are applied to any amendments for any Peru trips before the 90 day cut off.

For Ultimate Flex, please let us know no later than 90 days before your departure date. At this point you must notify us immediately of your new preferred departure date at the time of amendment.

If you are uncertain as to when you will be able to travel, we will issue a credit voucher for the full value of the trip costs paid by you to date, with a validity period of 18 months.

Yes! Ultimate Flex means you can transfer your booking to another date or destination of your choice within 18 months of your original departure date.

That’s no problem! If the trip or departure date to which you are moving is a higher price than the trip you are moving from, then your payment  plans will be amended to reflect the increase.  If the tour or departure date to which you are moving is a lower price than the tour you are moving from you will be issued a credit voucher for the price difference.

Credit vouchers are valid for 18 months, and can be gifted to another person of your choice if you decide not to travel.

If you chose to gift your credit voucher, we will need to be notified in writing/email and informed of the recipient’s name, email address and telephone number.

The recipient of your credit voucher must use the voucher within the original validity period. 

Trip prices are not fixed or guaranteed until you have re-booked using your credit voucher. The published trip price at the time of booking will apply at the time of re-booking.

To re-book a tour using a voucher, simply contact the Bucket List Team by email or by calling 01769 309007. 

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