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After a complicated 18 months, we wanted to make things as simple as possible. 

Not just to lower the barriers to you FINALLY being able to book your adventure of a lifetime, but also to give you one less thing to think about. 

We are calling it the 50/50 Awesome August deal, and here it is:

Book ANY Bucket List Company trip before midnight on August 31st and enjoy 50% off your booking fee AND grab a £70 limited edition Keela Bucket List Company gilet for FREE.

You’re probably wondering where the second “50” in 50/50 comes into this, so I’ll tell you. 

We have 50 of these lovely gilets to give away, which means only the first 50 people to take the plunge and book their Bucket List adventure will receive one. 

Great news if you’ve been champing at the bit to book your trip anyway – do it now and you’ll grab a gilet AND save £100 on the booking fee.

The booking fee discount will continue all the way through August too, so even if you miss the boat on the gilets, you’re guaranteed that £100 saving.

So there it is! Make sure you get in there first to guarantee your gilet and secure your place on a Bucket List adventure of a lifetime for just £100…

Click here to check out our trips and book yours now (using the promocode “Awesome”)

We’ve got trips available up until 2023, by which time the pandemic will be nothing but a horrible memory, so even if your ideal destination is not on the coloured list you need it to be, you can still take advantage of this offer.

Time to start getting excited about travel again we reckon…

The Bucket List Team

The Ultimate Guide to Kilimanjaro

The Ultimate Guide to Kilimanjaro

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