How hard is it to trek the Sahara?

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The Sahara needs no introduction

The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world. At 9.2 MILLION kilometres squared, it’s pretty much the same size as China!

It encompasses over TEN countries, including Egypt, Sudan and Morocco.

It played host to the hottest temperature EVER – 58 degrees Celsius.

And for the last few years, some of the most intrepid trekkers around have sought to experience it.

So today, we thought we’d answer the question that’s on a lot of peoples’ lips:

Just how hard is it to trek the Sahara, and is it worth it?

The Hardest Bits

Erg Chigaga

Without a doubt, the hardest bit of a Sahara trek is climbing Erg Chigaga.  It’s the highest dune in the entire desert at 60m high.

That might not seem like a lot, but when you’re in pretty much the hottest place on earth and you’re walking on sand, it’s definitely a real challenge!

If you want to do Erg Chigaga (which, if you’re doing the Sahara properly, you will!) then our suggestion is to do it as early as you can. The earlier you go, the less hot it is!

Oh, and when you get to the top, it’s immensely satisfying!

Making do without mod cons

As you might expect, the plumbing in the Sahara is not the most advanced – you’re basically going to the toilet in a tent with a hole in it.

The heat

Sounds obvious, but nothing can prepare you for the immense heat of the Sahara.  Pack sensible clothing or you’ll regret it.

Right, enough of the ‘hard’ stuff, what are the best things about trekking the Sahara?

Sahara trekking experience

Doing something totally unique

If you’re a trekker, you’ll love pretty much any trek, but the Sahara really is unique.

You’re walking in a true wonder of the world, and the environment is so different to anything else you’ll have ever encountered – it can truly be a transformative experience.

A pollution-free sky

With no light-pollution in sight, you get an AMAZING view at night.  If you’ve ever gone camping somewhere remote, you’ll have a sense of how incredible the sky is, but this is on a different level.

Great camaraderie with the crew

However challenging the trek is, your Berber crew will look after you by preparing your meals, looking after your luggage and keeping your morale up.  Honestly, they are truly incredible people, and you’ll have an incredible time on your trek with them.

Sahara trekking experience

Right, those are the pros and cons – should you do it? 

Simply put: YES!

Trekking in the Sahara puts a lot of things in perspective, taking you completely away from the Western life that you’re used to.

Having been, I can honestly tell you that there is NOTHING like it, so if you’re wondering about booking a trip to trek the Sahara, I’d recommend you just go for it! Check out our page HERE!

For more information on this awesome trek, contact us today!

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