A Quick Tip on Staying Dry!

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What would Keith do? Episode 4

One question we got asked last week was: which waterproofs should I buy? Well, unfortunately no waterproofs are going to keep you 100% dry when you’re out walking. If you’re wearing a rucksack on your back, with your bag straps touching the jacket, it’s going to let water in. There is no real solution to being 100% dry when you are out walking.

One thing that I was finding is when I was out trekking, were my waterproof trousers were falling down a little bit, my bag was riding up and it was creating a gap at the bottom of my back, which let water in and I was always finishing the day soaking wet.

What I’m going to talk about in this video is one little trick that I picked up a couple of years ago and that is wearing a pair of braces.

Check out the video below where we look at Braces!

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