Mount Elbrus 07/08/23

Travel Date: 07/08/2023
Why spend your summer in bathers on the beach when you could don your thermals, pick up your axe and trudge uphill for days on end?Because, Mount Elbrus.The tallest peak in Europe and one of the Seven Summits, we reckon Mount Elbrus doesn’t quite get the press it deserves.Maybe it’s Russia’s unflattering political stereotypes or the mountain’s below-freezing temperatures that put travellers off.But politics and bikinis aside, the people and peaks in this interesting and beautiful country really ought to be experienced first-hand. And if you’re on a mission to become a true mountaineer? Elbrus needs a spot on your Bucket List.Only question is, are you ready to rope up and open your eyes to the breath-taking beauty that lies within Russia’s borders?

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Mount Elbrus Peak