Morocco White Water 20/03/23

Travel Date: 20/03/2023

This incredible white water rafting trip is set in Morocco’s very own version of the Grand Canyon. Hidden away in the High Atlas Mountains lies Morocco’s mecca for adrenaline junkies and rafting addicts: the Ahansal River.

Running through the towering, bronzed gorges at the base of the High Atlas Mountains, the Ahansal offers adventure nuts like you a tourist-free, pulse-raising experience to remember.

This hidden gem is still relatively quiet when it comes to tourism and you’re much more likely to see a wild monkey waving at you from a Berber village on the river’s edge than to bump into another raft as you go.

During the warmer months, when our trips take place, the High Atlas Mountains lean over the most beautiful and pristine river wilderness that you’re ever likely to see. Over the course of the rafting route, the azure waters churn into class 3 and 4 rapids that’ll get you flying down the river at breath-taking speeds.

Come winter and it’s a very different story.

That’s because the Ahansal is a melt-water river which means it’s formed from the snow that falls upon the High Atlas Mountains. So if there’s been no snow all winter? There’s no rafting.

Don’t worry though, since there’s usually enough water to get the Ahansal flowing from March to late May, and even into June when the mountains have had more than their usual dusting during the winter.

You’ll get your fill of adventure during this spectacular trip, and see some truly incredible sights along the way. But it’s only when you reach the end of each day and stop for a moment of calm beneath the stars – with a fresh mint tea (or a cold beer) in hand – that you’ll really appreciate the beauty of this extraordinary journey.

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White Water Rafting in Morocco