Mera Peak 21/04/24

Travel Date: 21/04/2024

They say Mera Peak’s a “non-technical” climb. But if you arrive without expecting to don your crampons and rope up? You’ve got another thing coming. Welcome to high-altitude peak hiking. Trekking through tons of different environments over the course of 20 days, you’ll pick up loads of new climbing skills on your journey to the summit of Mera Peak. You’ll have a blooming good time too.
If you’ve already conquered Kilimanjaro or you’ve got some decent hill hiking experience behind you, Mera Peak deserves the next spot on your Bucket List. Hidden away past remote villages in the depths of Nepal, Mera’s colder than Kili, and definitely more challenging. But if you’ve caught the climbing itch and you’re looking for something a little sharper to scratch it? You’ll certainly find it 6,476 metres up on Mera Peak.

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Mera Peak trek, Nepal