Lemosho 22/05/23

Travel Date: 22/05/2023

At just under 6,000m in elevation, Mount Kilimanjaro is a big girl. Well actually she’s a stratovolcano, but let’s just call her Kili, shall we?

Commonly known as the Roof of Africa, Kili pokes out of the African plains right in the middle of the imaginatively titled Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania.

But this trip isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Maybe you’ve heard words like “doable” or, dare I say it, “child’s play” thrown around in your research into Kilimanjaro.

Doable she is, my friend, child’s play she ain’t. We’re taking the Lemosho route, you know.

That means many hours spent trekking each day, and a longer approach to the Summit from the west. Tough but achievable, this is going to be a challenge on your legs, and your mind.

During your adventure to the Roof of Africa, you’ll trek through moorlands, rainforests, ravines, glaciers and scree slopes, and experience the most spectacular sunrises along the way. And you’ll feel pretty freaking good when you get there.

Just don’t forget your walking boots.

Welcome to your journey to the Roof of Africa. The Kilimanjaro Lemosho route is one of the most impressive routes to climb Kili due to its low traffic, beautiful scenery and a high summit success rate.

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