Chile and Easter Island 04/01/23

Travel Date: 2023-01-04

If  you wish to be immersed in the fascinating world of Polynesian archaeological wonder then look no further than this Chile and Easter Island adventure. Starting in Santiago, the impressive capital city surrounded by snow capped peaks of the Andes you will enjoy a variety of tours and activities such as wine tasting before heading west towards the Atacama Desert. Your adventure into the desert will be everything but flat and boring – this breathtaking landscape astounds visitors from Geysers, Lagoons and Rainbow Valley and Moon Valley unlike any other landscape on earth. As if this wasn’t impressive enough the natural environment provides even more wonder as you ease into the night stargazing and taking an astrological tour, perfectly situated below the clear crisp desert skies.

Throughout this expedition you will also have opportunity to stretch your legs, summiting Cerro Toco at 5604m, but don’t worry you will be driven on a thrilling 4×4 drive to a height of 5600 and then the remaining 400m taking approximately 2 hours, rewarded with panoramic views of Atacama desert, Domeyco mountain range and Chajnantor flat stretching across Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.

Travel further into the depths of the mysterious culture of the isolated islands of the Pacific Ocean. Explore Easter Island and the monumental Moai sculptures and fascinating traditional cultures with plenty of free time to wander the mysterious landscapes and beaches before returning to Santiago. Throughout your exploration of Chile and Easter Island you will be staying in 3 and 4 star accommodation and treated to a whole host of exciting activities from Snorkeling, Horse back beach riding, trekking, cycling, 4×4 adrenaline tour or glass bottom boat tours, stargazing and cultural tours. What’s not to love!


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Trip Base Cost: £4,000.00