Introducing Mount Kilimanjaro

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Tanzania is one adventurous and welcoming package! It provides fascinating culture and idyllic beaches. It’s also home to the tallest free-standing mountain in the world… Mount Kilimanjaro. Whether trekking Kilimanjaro has always been on your bucket list, or you fancy something a bit different, like a cycle tour, Tanzania is the place to be!

Known as the “Roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro is 5,895m high, is a stratovolcano and has three distinct volcano cones, or peaks. It’s also the highest mountain in Africa.

It is known to have the largest concentration of wildlife animals per square kilometre – with over 4 million wild animals and 430 species… including the largest crab in the world; the coconut crab.

The people are just as varied, in religion, customs and dialect… with over 120 regional languages being spoken in Tanzania!

The Indian Ocean provides Tanzania with the most dazzling coastline, whilst the Great Rift Valley (which can be seen from space), runs down the eastern side of Africa, providing stunning scenery to counteract the volcanic highlands and the coastal lowland.

It truly is a magical, beautiful place to witness firsthand.

Want to find out more information on Tanzania? Contact us today to learn about joining us on one of our incredible trekking or cycling trips at Mount Kilimanjaro!

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