Do I need a visa for Brazil from the UK?

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Exploring Brazil travel requirements for UK citizens

Got South America on your Bucket List and wondering do you need a visa to travel to Brazil from the UK? You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to Brazil, a vivaciously vibrant and super diverse country where there’s never a dull moment and the energy is infectious. Known for its stunning landscapes, captivating culture and lively festivals, Brazil has long been a dream destination for adventurers from across the globe. 

The fun never stops in Brazil – as long as you can get there. So to ensure a smooth and, frankly, amazing journey, use this page to familiarise yourself with Brazil travel requirements for the UK. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate through Brazil’s travel requirements for UK citizens. From visa regulations and passport validity to health and safety precautions, you’ll nab all the essential info you need to know before heading to the airport. 

Do I need a visa for Brazil from the UK?

Rest easy, British travellers. You do not need a visa to travel to Brazil from the UK. Well at least not if you’re there less than 90 days as a tourist. Same goes if you’re travelling for business. (But, please, do throw a little pleasure into the mix toocheck out our incredible Best of Brazil itinerary if you need some help in that area!)

If you just can’t get enough and find yourself wishing to extend your stay in Brazil longer than three months, you’ll need to apply to the Federal Police for an extension. (Failing to do so can lead to you being served notice to leave at your own expense, getting fined or even deported. Argh!)

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Passport restrictions for travelling to Brazil from the UK

As you ponder, “Do I need a visa for Brazil from the UK?”, don’t let yourself down by overlooking your passport, that stalwart, life-giving companion on all your adventures.

The rules for travelling to Brazil from the UK are pretty simple when it comes to your passport. You’ve gotta ensure its validity extends for an absolute minimum of six months beyond your date of entry into Brazil. 

Two blank pages in there too please, empty canvases where the story of your passage through Brazil will be forever etched! 

For the latest info on whether you need a visa for Brazil from the UK, it never hurts to check the Brazil travel page on the British Government website HERE.

Covid-19 requirements for travelling to Brazil from the UK

As we’re writing, there are NO Covid-19 requirements for entry to Brazil from the UK. No need for proof of a vaccination. No need for a negative test. No certificate of recovery, thank you. Nada.  

You never know though – things could change. Make sure you’re up to date with live Covid-19 travel requirements for Brazil from the UK on the Consulate General of Brazil website HERE.

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Requirements for travelling with children to Brazil from the UK

No biggies here, but if you’re under 18 and entering or transiting through Brazil without a parent or guardian (or with only one parent or guardian), you’ll avoid possible delays simply by having a letter of authorisation to travel from any parents who aren’t travelling too. 

It’s not particularly common to run into trouble in this area, but that letter should see you (or your child) through just fine.

Now you know you don’t need a visa to travel to Brazil from the UK – what’s next? 

If you were worrying whether you needed a visa for Brazil from the UK, rest easy (and… maybe go check your passport’s valid with two blank pages in it right now). 

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