The Best Tour of Tanzania

Want to experience East Africa’s greatest treasures and give something back as you do it? Sounds like you’re ready for the The Best of Tanzania Experience.   

If your Bucket List has more items on it than your weekly grocery shop and you’re feeling the full force of the Africa Wanderlust Effect, this trip to Tanzania will not only scratch that itch, but leave you feeling good for a long time to come. 

You won’t just be tasting the rich culture that makes this country so unique, trekking through countless ecosystems and climbing a sacred stratovolcano, but you’ll also get to help a community that can’t always help itself. 

Embrace the Tanzanian way of life, mix with the amazing children in the local schools and tick several things from your Bucket List in one big, beautiful and thoroughly gratifying experience. 

And yes, of course there’ll be a safari too.

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