Mount Toubkal Trek – Morocco

Who said Morocco was all sand, sun and sea? Join us on a trek up Mount Toubkal and you’ll probably see snow too. 

If you want to tick a serious mountain off your Bucket List but you’re not the most experienced of climbers just yet, Toubkal is the perfect peak to set your sights upon (and your crampons). 

This 4-day trek to the highest peak in North Africa will both challenge and reward you at every turn. On your way to the summit, you’ll learn about Berber life, see some of the most spectacular views on the planet, and test the strength of your calves too.  

Experience the unforgettable and discover one of Africa’s most authentic hidden gems as you conquer the majestic Mount Toubkal. (And yes, of course, you’ll get the chance to barter with the souks in Marrakech too.)

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