We don’t do “holidays” at the Bucket List Co. But this 10-day adventure in Jordan?

It’s the closest you’ll ever get to a holiday on one of our trips, with a challenge rating of just 1. The only real challenge you’ll face on this trip is tearing yourself away when it’s time to head home. 

Turns out there are Bucket List experiences around every corner in beautiful Jordan. 

By day you’ll do gentle trekking through towering canyons, leisurely exploring in ancient sites and petroglyphs, and snorkelling through the constantly changing colours and corals of the Red Sea. By night you’ll sip Bedouin tea as you watch the sunset and stand in awe as the stars reveal themselves. 

And while we’d never call you a pig, if you do like the sound of robing yourself in a blanket of mud and lolling about atop the salty waters of the Dead Sea? You’re in for a treat.

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