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Taking a trip to Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as it’s locally known, invites you into a world shrouded in mystery and monumental legacies. As you tread on this remote volcanic island, you’ll be awestruck by the sight of colossal stone statues, known as Moai, silently watching over their land. Beyond its famous Moai, Easter Island also offers stunning natural beauty, from dramatic volcanic craters and lush rolling hills to picturesque beaches and caves adorned in ancient petroglyphs. With its enigmatic history, vibrant Polynesian culture, and off-the-beaten-path charm, Easter Island is a destination for every adventurous soul.

Easter Island At A Glance


Santiago (population 6.9 million)




Chilean Peso (CLP)


Rapa Nui


(GMT-06:00) Easter Island Standard Time




Type C (European 2-pin) Type L (Italian 3-pin)


Rano Raraku

Rano Raraku

Known as the quarry of the Moai, Rano Raraku is where you’ll encounter numerous partially-carved statues in various stages of completion, presenting a remarkable window into the past.

Ahu Tongariki

Ahu Tongariki

Home to 15 restored Moai, Ahu Tongariki is the most iconic and impressive Moai site on the island.

Orongo Village

Orongo Village

Perched on the rim of the Rano Kau volcano, this ancient ceremonial village is noted for its historic stone dwellings and petroglyphs tied to the fascinating Birdman Cult.

Anakena Beach

Anakena Beach

One of the few sandy beaches on the island, Anakena not only offers a beautiful place to relax but also showcases a line of Moai watching over the beach.

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Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is a small island located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. It is a territory of Chile and is famous for its massive stone statues, called Moai, that were carved by the island’s ancient inhabitants. The island’s history and the reasons behind the creation and transportation of the Moai are still debated by scientists and researchers. The island is also known for its unique culture and history, which has been shaped by the island’s isolation and the interactions between the island’s inhabitants and the various groups of people who have visited the island over the centuries.

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The best time to visit Easter Island is during the Summer (December to March) when the weather is warm and the island celebrates its biggest festival, Tapati Rapa Nui.

The currency in use is the Chilean Peso, as Easter Island is part of Chile. It’s advisable to carry sufficient cash as ATMs are not widely available on the island.

As a territory of Chile, the visa requirements for Easter Island are the same as those for mainland Chile and will depend on your nationality.

Key highlights include Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki, Orongo Village, and Anakena Beach.

Easter Island is generally safe for tourists. As always, travellers should take care of their personal belongings.

The two official languages on the island are Spanish and Rapa Nui, a Polynesian language. While some locals speak English, basic Spanish phrases can be useful.

We advise you to check with your local travel clinic 4-6 months prior to departure to see what is required. Also check the Travel Health Pro Website

We advise you to take a filtered water bottle to be on the safe side and not drink straight from the taps.

Seafood is a staple in the island’s cuisine, with dishes like ceviche and tuna empanadas being popular. Local specialities also include Umu Rapa Nui, a traditional Polynesian feast cooked in an earth oven.

Respecting the Moai statues is paramount; it’s forbidden to touch or climb on them. Islanders are friendly and welcoming but always appreciate respect for their culture and environment.

Absolutely! From hiking volcanoes, exploring archaeological sites, and snorkelling in crystal clear waters, to discovering the unique history of the Moai, Easter Island offers a range of adventures.

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