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Peru is the birthplace of a culture. This diverse South American country is brimming with fascinating cultural sites and stunning landscapes, from the bustlings streets of Cusco – one of South America’s oldest continuously-inhabited settlements – to the famous ruins of Machu Picchu.

This country is where the Incan Empire was born, and the vestiges of this rich history are visible to this day. Explore the market streets of Cusco, gaze over the ancient Sacred Valley, and hike with alpacas through the spectacular Andes mountains all the way to the Sun Gate of Machu Picchu itself. Along the way, you will find countless natural and cultural curiosities, be it bubbling hot springs or prehistoric wall carvings.

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There are so many paths to reach the wonders of Peru. Those looking for an iconic experience will take the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, passing by the classic sites of Dead Woman’s Pass and Llulluchapampa.

Trekkers in search of a mixture of culture and nature may choose the Lares trek, a less well-trodden alternative which allows you to encounter the Quechua communities of the Lares Valley and Cordillera Blanca. Or, for the intrepid hiker, the Salkantay trek, an incredibly scenic, yet more challenging route that gives maximum interaction with Peruvian wildlife.

All of these fantastic treks end up at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Machu Picchu, a New Wonder of the World and a true bucket list tick! You will also have the opportunity to add on a trek to Rainbow Mountain, a phenomenally colourful mountain near Cusco.

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“I just nicely got back from Peru with The Bucket List Company. It was an absolutely incredible trip – I booked it and went on my own, met some lovely people and had the experience of a lifetime. 

I also had the opportunity to go on trips outside of the main trek, which just added to the whole experience. I would highly recommend The Bucket List Company to anyone, and can’t wait to book my next trip!”

Laura Trimble
Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu The Bucket List Company Reviews

“Just did the Mt. Toubkal trip and loved everything about it – the places we stayed in, the food we had cooked for us, and the guides Mohammed and Omar, who were lovely and helped us if need be. We had a great bunch of ladies who just kept each other going with plenty of laughter, and our lovely Bucket List guide Gareth (Billy Boy) was brilliant. There was no trying to hurry us up, he just let us go at our own pace, but was there if we needed help or advice.

The company itself have been very helpful before and after the trip – so thank you. Would I go with this company again? YES I WOULD!!! Looking forward to the next trip.”

Sam Batcock
Mount Toubkal trek The Bucket List Company Reviews

“Having recently returned from visiting Machu Picchu with The Bucket List Company, I cannot recommend them highly enough! What a life-changing experience! The trip was exceptionally organised and Keith is the best expedition leader out there.

Even when I was struggling with the altitude, my health was closely monitored by the group and I was really well looked after. This will definitely not be my last Bucket List trip. Thank you so much Keith!”

Hannah Chalkley
Inca Trail trek to Machu PIcchu The Bucket List Company Reviews

“I have just returned from my first trip with The Bucket List Company and can honestly say I had the most amazing time! Everything was very well organised with no hiccups along the way. Everything was well thought out and I can safely say this will be a trip I will be talking about for a very long time! I will be booking onto more trips for sure.”

Laura Biggs
The Bucket List Company Reviews

“WOW… words cannot describe the experience of taking a trip like The Bucket List Company provides… 

I just got back from the Mt. Toubkal Trek and everything was beyond perfect. The food was stunning and we never went hungry, the team and guides were beyond supportive – always professional and friendly. The amazing memories we all made will be cherished forever. I can’t thank you all enough.”

Rick Ackroyd
Mount Toubkal trek The Bucket List Company Reviews

“Working with The Bucket List Company was easy. All the information was provided to us, and we felt so prepared. Any questions we had on equipment or training were answered straight away.

The trip itself was amazing. All of the group were great and the in-country guides were superb. Keith’s knowledge of Tanzania and Kilimanjaro is second to none. With all the logistics in place, the group reached the summit as planned.

We are both looking forward to our next trip. And in the future I will be heading back to Tanzania and climbing Kilimanjaro again!”

Rebecca and Lee Purvis
Peru The Bucket List Company Reviews
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