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Travel to the crossroads of adventure and culture in magical Morocco. When people imagine Morocco, they often think about bustling markets and mosaic-covered architecture. However, Morocco is also the gateway to endless incredible adventures, from the Sahara Desert to the Atlas Mountains and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for desert expanses, spectacular mountain ranges, luscious valleys, majestic river canyons or picturesque coastlines, stunning landscapes can be found around every corner in Morocco!

There is plenty to offer outdoors enthusiasts here. Intrepid souls will find the perfect challenge in climbing Mount Toubkal – the highest mountain in North Africa. Hikers of all levels will love trekking in the Sahara Desert and its impressive sand dunes. Adrenaline seekers will relish the opportunity to go white water rafting in the Atlas Mountains.

Whatever adventure means to you, it’s waiting right here in Morocco.

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Morocco Facts

Morocco is located on the west beside the Atlantic Ocean, on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, on the east and southeast by Algeria, and on the south by Western Sahara. Morocco is dominated by the Atlas Mountains, which run through the center of the country from southwest to northeast, and the Sahara Desert, which dominates its frontier with Algeria, Western Sahara, and Mauritania.


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