From the exploring the bustling streets of downtown Amman, to wandering in awe through Petra, a citadel frozen in time – Jordan never ceases to surprise the curious of mind and adventurous of spirit. Seek immersion in the evocative details of intricate ruins. Seek escapism in the adrenaline rush of trekking in Jordan, canyoning through Wadi Rum or snorkelling in the Red Sea. Whatever you seek, you will find it in Jordan.

Jordan is widely known as the birthplace of civilisation, abundant as it is in historic ruins, petroglyphs and artefacts. Here, you will find Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, as well as lesser-known ancient ruins at the sprawling site of Jerash.

However, Jordan is also a hotbed of adventure travel, offering unrivalled desert trekking, canyoning, off-roading, and even snorkelling in often-unchartered territories.

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