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How Much does Everest Base Camp Cost?

When you’re thinking about going on an adventure like the Everest Base Camp trek, there will be lots of factors […]

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How High is Everest Base Camp?

When you’re considering taking on the EBC trek, the first question you’ll have will probably be, “how high is Everest […]

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So You’ve Climbed Kili. What’s Next?

For many people, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is considered the ultimate achievement. But what if you’ve already climbed Kili? What if […]

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Everest Base Camp Altitude Sickness: What you Should Know, and How to Avoid it

As we all know, Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Reaching its 8,848-metre summit is a daunting […]

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Top Tips for Trekking Training

So you’ve booked that once-in-a-lifetime trek, and now you’ve got several months of waiting patiently to set off on your […]

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Which Animals Can You See on Safari in Tanzania?

Every good adventure bucket list should have “go on a safari in Africa” written near the top. Seeing the phenomenal […]

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Salkantay vs Lares Trek: the Alternative Routes to Machu Picchu Compared

For most of us, trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru is synonymous with the Inca Trail. This is the most […]

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Forget New Year’s Resolutions – Which Bucket List Adventures Should You Tick off in 2020?

We’re into a new year (Happy New Year, by the way!), and with all of 2020 laying before us, many […]

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How high is Mount Toubkal

How High is Mount Toubkal? Mount Toubkal is a mountain the in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  Not only […]

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Kilimanjaro Routes

Which of the 7 Kilimanjaro routes should you take? There are seven potential Kilimanjaro routes; some harder than others.  We […]

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Why You Should Book a Trip on Black Friday Instead of Buying Stuff You Don’t Need

It’s that time of year when your inbox is filling up with Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday offers from, […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Adventure Travel Insurance – And Why You Should Get it Now

We all know that travel insurance is essential for any trip abroad. When it comes to adventure travel, insurance is […]

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