Can I Travel to Nepal? COVID Guide

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After such a long period where travel was pretty much impossible, being able to go ANYWHERE again feels like the greatest thing in the world.

But the reality is that not everywhere is the same, and certain parts of the world have different rules and are on different timescales when it comes to vaccinations and COVID rates.

That, and the fact that winter generally means more illnesses are going around, is all worth considering when you’re looking at your next trip.

Can I Travel to Nepal from the UK?

The good news is, yes!  

You can travel to Nepal, but there are a few things you should know – namely, if you’re not vaccinated, then you’ll need to quarantine for 10 days on arrival. 

When flying to Nepal, you’ll be required to present documentation, including:

  • A certificate showing a negative PCR test within 72 hours of your first flight departure.
  • A visa or prior approval document (those with vaccine certification can secure a visa upon arrival).
  • A hotel booking that allows 10 days quarantine for 10 days if you’re not vaccinated.
  • Travel insurance documentation that includes health, crisis, and rescue cover. 
  • A barcode from your application of the ‘Online International Travel Arrival Form’. 

The good news is that Nepal accepts the UK’s proof of COVID-19 vaccination, which means you’ll need your information on the NHS app ready to show – also known as a COVID pass.

Paraglider flying over Pokhara, Nepal.

Returning to the UK from Nepal

The rules differ in each country of the UK, but full information on returning to the UK can be found on the government website.

What you need to do will also depend on if you’re fully vaccinated or not, though due to the requirements for entry into Nepal, the rules follow a similar path.

Before you travel to the UK, you must:

  • Book and pay for a COVID-19 test, to be taken before the end of day 2 in the UK (these can be either lateral flow or PCR as of 24 October 2021).
  • Complete a passenger locator form to be completed in the 48 hours prior to arrival in the UK.

If you’re going to be in the UK for less than 2 days, you’re still required to book a day 2 test.

Once you arrive in the UK, you must take your day 2 COVID-19 test either on or before day 2, with your date of arrival being classed as day 0.

Bhaktapur Square

COVID Rules and Requirements in Nepal

It should be noted that the Nepali authorities have put temporary restrictions in place to limit the spread of COVID-19, including a reduction of public transport availability and services.

Non-essential services have been closed, while restrictions can be introduced, extended, or expanded at short notice – so you must be prepared for this.

You MUST wear face masks to access essential services such as shops, at the airport, on flights, on public transport, and to access medical care.

There are penalties for those who flout coronavirus rules in Nepal. 

Some hotels may close at short notice due to COVID-19 restrictions or outbreaks, while hotels in the Kathmandu Valley are currently mostly open.

It should be noted that there are more restrictive lockdowns in place in other parts of Nepal, so it’s worth doing research if you’re planning a trip at all. 

People are required to observe social distancing and wear masks in public, while large gatherings are not allowed. 

If you are vaccinated (or willing to quarantine) and ready to start travelling again, then you can explore our collection of adventures in Nepal

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