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  • Time to read: 5 mins

    Do I Need To Train For Everest Base Camp?

    Your quick guide to Everest Base Camp training If you stumbled here looking for the short answer to the perennial […]

  • Time to read: 3 mins

    Moments You’d Only Experience In Nepal

    We had a great time last week sharing everything that makes trekking in the Himalayas so special for Nepal Week! […]

  • Time to read: 5 mins

    Food On The Everest Base Camp Trek

    One of the most common questions we receive from Bucketlisters who have just booked – or are considering booking – […]

  • Time to read: 10 mins

    Tips For Responsible Trekking In Nepal

    When you imagine the Nepalese Himalayas, what do you see? Immense peaks blanketed in unbroken snow, luscious green valleys, crystal-clear […]

  • Time to read: 4 mins

    Getting To Know The Guides: Gareth

    Gareth, occasionally known by groups as “Billy Boy Wonder” for reasons no-one can quite remember, has been leading groups on […]

The Ultimate Guide to Kilimanjaro

The Ultimate Guide to Kilimanjaro

Is Kilimanjaro on your bucket list? We’ve put together a fully comprehensive guide to Kilimanjaro which will give you everything you need to know about this wonderful adventure that lies ahead.

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