How To Make A Pisco Sour

There are tonnes of things to fall in love with from the moment you set foot in Peru to the […]

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The History of Gozo

Gozo is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the 21 islands that form Malta’s archipelago. It’s an […]

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Why is Chefchaouen Blue?

The Moroccan ‘blue’ city of Chefchaouen, often known as Chaouen, is one of the most scenic destinations in the country.  […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Kilimanjaro

To put it simply, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a life-changing experience! It is an adventure that many now take on, […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Everest Camp

A trek to the Everest Base Camp is an amazing experience and achievement – it is also a trip that […]

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International Travel Right Now: My Experience

Last week we ran our first trip for a looong time. With the covid restrictions much less, er, restrictive than […]

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Trekking Training 101

8 handy Trekking training tips to help you train for your next big adventure trekking holiday So you’ve bitten the bullet […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

You’ve got the will but have you got the pocket? Everybody loves a bargain, but how much does it cost […]

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How Difficult is it to Climb Kilimanjaro?

It’s a question we’re often asked – how difficult is it to climb Kilimanjaro?  It depends.  It depends on your […]

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8 Interesting Facts About Mount Everest

Think “Everest” and – for most people – three important facts come to mind. Himalayas. China and Nepal and Big. […]

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A Complete Guide to PADI Scuba Diving Courses

Many people ask us where to start with Scuba Diving: the first thing is you need training & certification. We […]

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How Cold is Everest Base Camp?

If you are thinking about or have already booked a trek to Everest Base then one question you might have […]

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