Can I travel to Morocco?

If you’re looking for the current COVID-19 Morocco travel situation, scroll down now… (Updated 15/10/21) At the Bucket List Company, we […]

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13 Reasons Why Gozo Should Be Your Next Scuba Diving Holiday

Is Gozo any good for Scuba diving? Maybe you’ve heard of Gozo, maybe you haven’t.  But if you’re into Scuba […]

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8 Mount Kilimanjaro Facts To Wow Your Fellow Climbers

How much do you know about the Roof of Africa? So you’ve got Kilimanjaro on your Bucket List.  You’re not […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Reach Machu Picchu?

It goes without saying that Machu Picchu deserves a place on every adventurer’s Bucket List. It’s one of the most […]

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5 Fascinating Easter Island Facts

How many of these facts about Easter Island did you already know? Where else on Earth can you immerse yourself […]

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Patagonia Packing List

What needs to go on your Patagonia packing list? (And what luxuries should you sneak in if possible?) Patagonia’s otherworldly […]

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Your Guide to White Water Rafting Morocco style

Who knew Morocco’s one of the world’s best locations for a spot of white water rafting?! Between riding camels through […]

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6 Machu Picchu Facts You Never Knew

There are plenty of things you may already know about Machu Picchu. But, here are 6 Machu Picchu facts you […]

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The Ethical Tourist: How to travel responsibly in a world with so many options

Travel’s a privilege. It shouldn’t have taken a prohibitive pandemic to tell us that, but that’s the way the cookie […]

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Trekking Training 101

8 handy Trekking training tips to help you train for your next big adventure trekking holiday So you’ve bitten the bullet […]

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Do I Need To Train For Everest Base Camp?

Your quick guide to Everest Base Camp training If you stumbled here looking for the short answer to the perennial […]

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3 reasons to visit Africa!

So you want to visit Africa? Camel trekking in the Sahara, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or exploring Berber villages… When you […]

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