Is There Phone Service On Mount Kilimanjaro?

Your mobile phone is possibly one of your most important possessions. With the ability to stay connected, take photographs, and […]

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When Is The Best Time To Climb Mount Elbrus?

So, you’re thinking of climbing Mt Elbrus?  We don’t blame you. Elbrus is up there as one of the most […]

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What Will You Eat In Peru?

you may be thinking “What will i eat while in Peru?” Well…they say opposites attract and never has the phrase […]

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Can I Travel To Tanzania? COVID Guide

After so long where travel was complicated, laborious, or almost impossible. The ability to travel again feels like a breath […]

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How To Behave In Peru

Etiquette and religion – what’s this country all about? How should i behave while in Peru? Peru’s a big place; […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Trekking To K2 Base Camp In Pakistan

Guide to the K2 Base Camp Trek So you’re considering taking on the K2 Base Camp Trek.  Smart move.  The […]

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How Difficult Is Everest Base Camp?

At the southern foot of the biggest and most iconic mountain in the world lies a sprinkling of colourful tents […]

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Everest Base Camp Trek vs K2 Base Camp Trek

If you’re considering whether to opt for an Everest Base Camp Trek or a K2 Base Camp Trek, you’re in […]

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Where Do You Stay On The Trek To Everest Base Camp?

What it’s really like to visit a Nepalese Teahouse Unless you’ve been extremely organised with booking tables and sticking to […]

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What Is Altitude Sickness And How To Prevent It

When exploring places at higher altitudes, trekkers can experience altitude sickness, which can be very dangerous and should be taken […]

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What Is The Highest Mountain In Europe?

Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe This comes as a surprise too many people who believe the highest […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Mountain In Peru

A few years ago, some snow melted. Yeah yeah, it happens every year, snow falls, it melts, we get excited, […]

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