What is the baggage allowance for Everest Base Camp trek?

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Question of the week –

How much can my bag weigh for the Everest Base Camp trek?

As we approach a trip departure, the frequency of the phone ringing and the ping of emails arriving increases with questions.

What we are trying to do is answer these questions in the form of a blog post or video, so the answers stay around for a while!

One question we have been asked a few times in last 2 weeks is about the luggage allowance for the Nepal Everest Base Camp trip. So just to clear it up, here is the definitive answer!!

Luggage Weight Limit for Flying to Mount Everest

On your international flight you will have 23kg for your hold baggage plus your hand luggage. I would advise here not taking your day sac as your hand luggage bag. This is for two reasons

  1. You need an additional bag to leave stuff at the hotel in Kathmandu
  2. You bag can get so dusty and dirty on the trek; do you really want to be carrying this on the aeroplane with you on the way home?

On the internal flight to Lukla you are allowed 15kg in total between your duffle bag and your day bag.

You can purchase additional weight for 110 NR per kilo – this works out to be about 0.79p per kilo. However, there is no guarantee though that your additional weight will fly on the same plane as you though – It could be a few planes behind, although this wouldn’t matter if it was your duffle bag as this would catch you up at the first tea house.

How Much Weight do the Sherpas Carry?

The thing to remember though is your Sherpas are only going to carry 15kg of weight for you. Therefore, if you do purchase extra weight allowance then you need to be prepared to carry this for yourself in your day pack.

What to Pack for an Everest Base Camp Trek

Hopefully this answers the question, but if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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