Mount Aconcagua (6962m)

Situated by the Argentinian/Chilean border, Mount Aconcagua is often referred to as the “highest trekking peak in the world”.  Aconcagua can be climbed by fit walkers without roped mountaineering experience.

Sat at 6962 meters, it is the highest peak in the Southern and Western hemispheres.

Also, Mount Aconcagua is the second highest of the Seven Summits and the World’s highest summit outside the Himalayas!

The ascent does require some basic mountaineering skills; you should be confident in using an ice axe and crampons and you should have strong backpacking skills.

This is a challenging route whether you are a novice or experienced climber and we recommend it should be a climb for those with some high altitude and general mountaineering experience gained from climbs such as Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus.

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adventure's Itinerary would look like:

    Day 1 & 2: Exploring Mendoza city:

    Depart from the UK and arrive in Mendoza. We will be transferred to the hotel and after checking in, we will have time to relax and explore the city of Mendoza. There will be a briefing to discuss the next day’s schedule.

    Day 3: Travel to Villa de Penitentes:

    We will obtain individual park entrance and ascent permits. We meet at our commercial office to finalise all the arrangements of the expedition. Later we travel to Villa de Penitentes where we stay at a hotel in the mountain. There we get the equipment ready for transportation to the base camp by mule.

    Day 4: Walk to Confluencia:

    We drive you to Horcones Park, where we get our first view of the mountain. We will get our permits checked at the Ranger station. Then, we head off to Confluencia by walking for 4 or 5 hours.

    Day 5: Trek to Plaza Franzia:

    We’ve included this day in order to acclimatise better and give ourselves more of a chance to summit. We’ll trek for about 5 hours until we arrive to Plaza Francia – base camp of the impressive Aconcagua South Wall. This is one of the nicest points of the expedition.

    Day 6: Trek to Plaza de Mulas camp:

    After 8-9 hours hiking across “Playa Ancha” and climbing up through a very steep path, we reach Plaza de Mulas, the biggest base camp in Aconcagua Park. By the end of the day, most of us will feel the altitude.

    Day 7: Acclimatisation day in base camp:

    The first day in Base Camp is always a rest day and a good occasion to take a bath and explore the local terrain.

    Day 8: Trekking along the trail:

    This is a challenging day where we gain 1000 m with a heavy load on easy terrain. Then we’ll return to Base Camp. It’s important to take advantage of the comfort and lower altitude at Base Camp.

    Day 9: Acclimatisation and rest day:

    This is a day we mainly use to recover, to rest, to hydrate ourselves and eat!

    Day 10: Ascend to Camp 1:

    The following morning we start the ascent to Aconcagua. We move to Camp 1, called Plaza Canada. Until now, we were working on getting an optimal acclimatisation. We want everyone to have the best possible chance to do summit.

    Day 11: Trek to Nido de Condores at Camp 2:

    Camp 2, called Nido de Condores (meaning Condor Nest), is located in a high pass at 5400 m. It provides a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.

    Day 12: Climb to Camp Colera and return to Camp 2:

    This day, we carry equipment to Camp 3 called Camp Colera. After carrying the equipment up, we return to Camp 2 to sleep and to give our bodies more chance to acclimatise.

    Day 13: Trek along the North Ridge to Camp 3:

    We start a 4 hour walk to Camp 3, located on the North Ridge. We will prepare our tents, eat and rest. This will help to ensure we’re ready to get the summit!

    Day 14: Climb to the summit of Mount Aconcagua:

    This is the most demanding day of the expedition. We climb the North Ridge to Independencia Refuge at approximately 6500 m. We ascend through the Portezuelo del Viento, climb La Canaleta and the Filo del Guanaco, that leads us to the summit. The prize is waiting for us – a 360° view and an experience that you only finally understand once you reach it. after coming to terms with our accomplishment and taking in the scenery, we descend to Camp 3.

    Day 15/16: Summit attempt buffer days:

    We have two extra days set aside on our itinerary to attempt summit. These extra days are built in to provide the best possible conditions for each participant to summit.

    Day 17: Return to Base Camp:

    Return from Camp 3 to Base Camp. We’ll enjoy a great dinner to celebrate the experience.

    Day 18: Descend to Penitentes and transfer to Mendoza:

    We have breakfast and then start the descent from Plaza de Mulas to Penitentes. There will be private transport waiting to take us to the hotel in Mendoza City.

    Day 19/20: Return flights to UK:

    Fly from Mendoza back to the UK.

Experience Required:

Aconcagua is a mountaineering expedition, and although it is a non-technical ascent, at just under 7,000 meters, it is a long and extremely tiring climb at altitude.

To join this expedition and have a good chance of success you need:

  • To be mentally prepared for the rigors of a desert environment with extremes of heat, cold and wind on a high and exposed mountain
  • A clean bill of health and a high level of fitness and determination gained from regular walking in the mountains
  • Experience of long day treks or climbs at high altitude and in winter conditions
  • Experience of wilderness camping
  • Experience of Winter Walking
  • Experience of using crampons and ice axes

We will be running a winter skills course prior to the departure of this trip.


We know what you need! Once you have booked your place on the trip, you will receive a kit list from us containing all the kit/equipment you will need to complete the trek successfully. This will ensure you have everything you could possibly need ready for the big adventure.

Additional Information:

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the trip or your suitability for it, please contact us on 01769 309002 or email We will be happy to help.

Our Trip Guarantee:

When we guarantee a trip and you book it, we promise that:

  • The trip will run.
  • It will leave on the date advertised (unless, it is beyond our control, for example, the airline changes something).
  • You will not be surcharged.

Inclusive Pricing:

When you book adventure travel, you want to know how much the trip is going to cost you, without hidden, last-minute costs appearing afterwards. Our full-cost prices include international air fares – we do not advertise “prices from”, leaving you to guess what the final flight price might be. Instead, when booking with us, you know the flight is included, and at what price, from the moment you visit our website.

The price of every Bucket List Company adventure trip includes:

  • All accommodation
  • Flights
  • Our own UK leader who will accompany your group on the whole trip
  • Meals on trek/experience
  • Any permits
  • Entry fees to any regions and sites visited as part of the itinerary
  • Group equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Our own expedition manager
  • 24 UK operations and emergency cover whilst you are in the country


Non-Inclusive Pricing:

The price of our trips does not include:

  • Visa fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals whilst in Mendoza
  • Rescue costs
  • Additonal hotels if we dont use the weather deals
  • Tips for local crew ($150-200 is the recommended rate)
  • Personal spending money


It is a booking condition of The Bucket List Company that you have full travel insurance valid for the duration of your tour to cover you for medical emergency and repatriation to your home country. We will ask you for a copy of this before departure for our records. It is also important that you leave a copy of your insurance with the person nominated as your emergency contact.

We can recommend a respected, specialist travel insurance provider for this trip if you wish – simply contact us to find out more.

Please Note:

Every effort will be made to keep to the above itinerary, but as this is Adventure Travel in a remote mountain region, we cannot guarantee it. Weather conditions, road conditions, and the health of participants can all contribute to changes. The Trek Leader and our local agent will try to ensure that the trip runs according to plan, but an easy going nature will be an asset!

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