Zanzibar Beach Escape

Zanzibar is a paradisal island that, for many, symbolises the epitome of island living. In fact, this is an archipelago over 50 islands off the coast of mainland Tanzania, varying from minute outcrops to larger islands such as Zanzibar – or, as the locals call it, Unguja Island.

Here you can find powder-soft sand beaches ensconced by verdant palm trees. Off-shore, the gorgeous turquoise waters are home to vibrant coral reefs that are the perfect location for snorkelling and diving.

Zanzibar beach escape, Tanzania

Zanzibar welcomes visitors to its rugged limestone shores with the aromas of countless fruits and spices from the picture-perfect shores. Relax on the beautiful beaches with a fresh coconut water and you might just have found heaven.

However, there is more to Zanzibar than this. In Stone Town, labyrinthine alleys lead to Sultans’ residences, hidden behind huge, intricately carved doors studded with gold. Head inland and you will find crumbling palace ruins, spice plantations and luscious rainforests, where rare animals, such as the Red Colobus monkey, roam.

Zanzibar escape

Duration: 4 Days