Chitwan National Park

There are so many amazing experiences to be had in Nepal.

This is why we offer an exclusive add-on activity to help you get the most out of your time in this wonderful country.

Chitwan National Park is one of the most famous natural reserves in Nepal. Established in 1973, it was granted the status of World Heritage Site in 1984.

The park consists mainly of alluvial grasslands and subtropical moist deciduous forests, ranging from river valleys to the Churia Hills. Today it is home to the Bengal Tiger Conservation Unit, as well as many protected species.

Our trip takes you through the highlights of the park to see all of its most famous residents.

Led by expert guides, you will travel through Chitwan and learn about the flora and fauna of Nepal. Expect to see plenty of elephants and monkeys, rare birds and endangered species such as Indian rhinos.

At the park, you can explore by jeep safari, jungle walk or take a canoe tour along the rivers.

Here you can also visit Valmiki Ashram, a small temple and hermitage just inside the park. The temple is famous for being the place where sage Valmiki wrote his epic, Ramayan. Today you can explore the large ghat area and see locals performing their religious duties.

Duration: 2 nights 3 Days

From: £360pp