20 Photos that will Put Morocco Top of your Bucket List

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The Beauty of Morocco

Morocco is a truly beautiful country with so much to offer to adventure travellers. From the vibrant souks of Marrakech to the majestic Atlas Mountains and the towering dunes of the Sahara, this is a country with many faces, where you will always find something new to add to your travel bucket list. We know this for a fact, because since running our Mount Toubkal treks, we’ve been inspired to introduce two new Morocco trips – our Sahara Desert treks and our Morocco white water rafting trips.

To spread the word about the countless amazing experiences that await in Morocco, we are currently running a #MoroccoFortnight celebration to offer Bucketlisters an exclusive deal. Anyone who books a Morocco trip and pays the deposit by the end of February will receive a FREE training weekend (worth £150) and a FREE Bucket List Company duffel bag (worth £80). This is a truly unbelievable deal and provides the perfect opportunity to tick Morocco off your travel bucket list.

But why should it be on your list in the first place? Well, here are twenty photos from our trips that will prove why Morocco should be high up on your travel bucket list!

The incredible carved sand dunes of the Sahara Desert

sahara trek morocco x

Here at The Bucket List Company, we’ve just recently returned from our first ever trip trekking in the Sahara Desert, and it was a truly unforgettable experience. In the Moroccan Sahara, sand dunes appear to be carved out of the ground in striking shades of red and orange – and even this beautiful photo doesn’t do justice to the scale of the desert itself. As one of the most famous landscapes in the world, the Sahara truly has to be seen to be believed.

Chilling on a hot air balloon basket in the Moroccan countryside

img x

If ever there was an Instagram-worthy photo, this is it. On all of our trips to Morocco, we offer an exclusive add-on excursion to go for a hot air balloon ride above the countryside just outside Marrakech. This is an absolutely enrapturing experience, allowing you to see the luscious mountain foothills from a perspective few ever get to see. Oh, and it’s the perfect opportunity for a group photo shoot, too!

Vibrant Marrakech by night


Marrakech is widely considered to be one of the most mesmerising cities in the world, and when you visit you’ll see why. The ancient ‘Red City’, as it is nicknamed, is full of surprises, from the bustling market stalls to the ancient mosques and authentic leather tanneries. However, Jemaa el-Fnaa square at night is something else altogether. Countless food stalls light up, cooking delicious Moroccan cuisine, served in very sociable bench-style seating. Expect tasty meals, a buzzing atmosphere, beautiful music and plenty of banter with the local vendors!

The peaceful terraced hillsides of the Atlas Mountains

Terraced fields in Morocco High Atlas Mountains

In stark contrast to the busy streets of Marrakech are the peaceful, terraced foothills that sit under the Atlas Mountains. As you hike up to Imlil on our Toubkal trek, you will encounter plenty of these terraced hillsides, where local Berber people have made their homes to farm livestock. As picturesque as they come, these terraces make for a great photography stop as you climb your way higher.

The oasis of calm that is Jardin Majorelle

MOROCCO marrakech

Of course, Marrakech isn’t all about bustling squares and busy souks. Hidden away in the city is the famous Jardin Majorelle. This gorgeous garden was once owned by Yves Saint Laurent, and is a stylish as you might expect. Full of thriving cactus plants and lush palms, the pretty garden is set around a colourful house, and is a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon in the city.

Discovering the fascinating culture of the Berber people

Berber villages on Morocco trekking trip

Berber culture is perhaps one of the most intriguing elements of Morocco as a culture. The nomadic Berber peoples live in the Moroccan mountains, rearing cattle or running local guesthouses for hikers. Spending time in villages like Imlil, you will get the chance to encounter Berber culture first-hand, whether through visiting a traditional carpet shop or simply meeting locals on the streets.

The mesmerising mosaics of Bahia Palace


Morocco is famous for many things, not least of all its intricately mosaiced buildings. Everywhere you look in Marrakech, you will see detailed mosaic facades, but Bahia Palace is one of the most impressive sites to visit. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful colours and shapes of the tiled walls and floors, wandering around the courtyards and learning about the history of the ancient palace.

Untouched mountain scenery

mountains x

One of the most attractive things about trekking in Morocco is that the Atlas Mountains are still very much untouched by human presence. On your hike from Imlil to the Toubkal refuge, you will trek past deep gorges, steep hills and serene lakes. Every mile of trail offers stunning landscapes – without the crowds.

Ancient street entertainment traditions at Jmaa el-Fnaa square

april x

It’s well worth spending at least a few hours wandering around Jemaa el-Fnaa square, and not just for the food. Here, many local entertainers share their ancient crafts with tourists, from henna artists to snake charmers and more. Whether you want to get a close-up look or watch on from a distance, it’s certainly fascinating to see this local entertainers at work.

Panoramic landscapes from a Morocco hot air balloon ride

april x

Just look at those mountains – mile upon mile of uninterrupted natural beauty. This photo was taken on a hot air balloon trip just outside Marrakech – see, we told you it was breathtakingly beautiful. Seeing Morocco from above is a must on any trip to the country.

A magical campfire in the middle of the Sahara Desert

astronomy bonfire campfire x

One of the most magical experiences we’ve had in Morocco here at the Bucket List Company was enjoying a warming campfire in the evening on our recent Sahara trek. After a long, exciting day of hiking, this is a welcome spot of respite, where we can enjoy a warm cup of Moroccan mint tea and a delicious tagine as we chat about the day’s experiences while the sun sets.

Epic white water rafting rapids in the Atlas Mountains

Morocco rafting

If you haven’t heard about white water rafting in Morocco, now is the time to change that! The Atlas Mountains aren’t just a haven for trekkers, the rivers running through the range also provide the perfect conditions for watersports. On our white water rafting trips in Morocco, you can whizz down exhilarating rapids and feel the adrenaline rush of paddling through some of the best white water in the world!

Reflecting in the Atlas Mountains

march x

Hiking is one of the best ways to take a little time for yourself and reflect. Literally, in this case. There is something incredibly beautiful about the juxtaposition of the snowcapped mountains, the peaceful water and the basic, mudbrick buildings of the Atlas Mountains…

The bustling atmosphere of the Marrakech Souks

april x

The thing that Marrakech is probably most famous for are its souks. Souks – or markets – are outdoor shopping stands that stretch for many kilometres in the centre of Marrakech. They sell an endless array of local handicrafts, tasty local snacks and traditional Moroccan souvenirs such as tagine dishes, teapots and lamps. No trip to Morocco is complete without a few hours spent exploring the colourful souks.

Experience the authentic culture of local Morocco

Berber man

If you’re looking to visit a country where you can experience a truly authentic and enjoyable interaction with locals and their culture, it is Morocco. Whether you’re hiking past Bedouin camps in the Sahara Desert, greeting Berber children in the Atlas Mountains or simply chatting to local performers and tradespeople around Marrakech, the people of Morocco are incredibly warm and welcoming. Stop to enjoy a bit of street music or to buy a handmade bracelet – we promise you won’t regret it!

The golden light of a Saharan sunset

Sahara Desert - ultimate Morocco experience

Most of us imagine the Sahara desert during the day, with the sun beating down and the heat folding in. The reality is that the Sahara actually enjoys moderate temperatures during February, when we visit for our treks. On our recent trip, temperatures varied between 20 and 30 degrees celsius during the day, getting a little chilly at night. But the period between daytime and nighttime was one of the most enchanting of all, as the sun began to set, casting a golden glow over the dunes.

Jumping for joy trekking in Toubkal National Park

img x

Trekking in the Atlas Mountains, you’ll find yourself wanting to stop to take photos every few minutes. The views are just fabulous, with snow-capped mountains folding into dry, rugged hillsides. Hiking with your fellow Bucketlisters is the perfect excuse to stop for a photo shoot, like these very happy ladies did – jumping for joy whilst ticking Toubkal off their bucket lists!

Sharing delicious Moroccan dishes

We can’t write a photo blog about Morocco without including the delicious food! From tagines to couscous, kebabs Tagine to salads, the food you’ll eat on a trip in Morocco is absolutely mouth-watering. Check out our recent blog post about Moroccan cuisine and what you’ll eat on our treks to find out more!

Swimming in stunning Moroccan waterfall pools

Cascades D'Ouzoud
Image: Arnaud 25 via Wikimedia Commons

One of the highlights of our Morocco white water rafting trip is the chance to visit the Cascades d’Ouzoud. This is the most famous waterfall in Morocco, and is the perfect place to stop off for a spot of lunch. As you relax, you’ll meet plenty of curious monkeys who roam the area, and you could even take a boat across the pool below the falls or take a dip in the turqoise waters.

And finally, the most beautiful campsite in the world…

e fd a ac e ebe b a
Image: Dan Jones

A Moroccan evening – there’s nothing quite like it. Whether you’re camping out on our Sahara treks and rafting trips or drinking a mint tea outside your Berber guesthouse on our Toubkal treks, don’t miss the chance to catch the night sky alight. As the sun disappears, millions of stars emerge, some shooting across the skies in beautiful colours and constellations. What a way to end the day!

If these photographs have inspired you to add Morocco to your travel bucket list, now is the time to book your trip! Contact us on 0176 930 9007 or check out our recent Morocco Q&A on Facebook to find out more!

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